But Wait! There’s More…

August 21, 2009 at 9:02 am | Posted in TV (The Boob Tube) | Leave a comment

Can you think of four more exciting words? I can’t. Utter that phrase and watch my Pavlovian reaction.

I proudly admit I’m an “As seen on tv” fanatic. If there’s an infomercial about it, I need your product. Sham-wow? Sham-needs-it. Bump-its? Wore one to my sister Vanessa’s wedding rehearsal. Ped-egg? Check. Strap Perfect? Double check. I’ve been a fan ever since my grandparents purchased their Jack LaLanne juicer. One sip of “the power of the juice” and I knew that not only are products sold on tv desirable, they are necessary. If it has its very own 30- or 60-minute commercial, it has to be good, right?

Vanessa and I have spent many a Sunday morning riding the couch in our pjs learning the endless virtues of Chef Tony’s knives and the multitudinous recipes quickly and easily prepared in a Magic Bullet. My friend Julie put the Magic Bullet on her wedding registry. And one time I met an inebriated couple at the beach drinking daiquiris out of Magic Bullet cups. They watched my stuff while I braved the tepid Atlantic. True story.

Hoodles, infomercials made a resurgence in my life in a big way after my son was born. He likes to eat. A lot. Those first few months involved a lot of me and Max in a glider in front of the tv at odd, dark hours. And yes, I nurse my baby in front of the tv. How else do you expect me to stay awake at 3 a.m. with a kid who acts offended if you try to eat, drink or read while he’s eating? Suffice it to say I am well-versed in the current batch of products you never knew you couldn’t live your life without.

And now, in a real teaser, not only does Walgreens sell “As seen on tv” products in the store (save on shipping!), but now CVS has joined the fun. That’s right Walgreens, you have infomercial competition. And Snuggies are on sale at Kohls for $14.99. Just saying.



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