Runs in the Family!

October 16, 2009 at 8:21 am | Posted in Famous! | 2 Comments
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Last week my darling mom gave me a call as I was leaving my office. Usually we talk later at night, so I answered the phone expecting something out of the ordinary… And I was not disappointed!

Picture this: She’s at the grocery store preparing for a dinner party, trying to find the juciest limes and perfectly ripened avocados, when she hears a voice.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen…”

She turns around, slightly embarrassed, hoping this stranger’s comment isn’t directed at her and sees a… wait for it… she sees a 96-year-old man eyeing her!

My gorgeous, happily-married-to-the-age-appropriate-father-of-her-two-children mother thanks him for the compliment and tries to continue her hunt for produce in peace, but the elderly “gentleman” is on a hunt of his own…

He asks her what languages she speaks, if she would like him to be her private tutor for language lessons on nights and weekends (I wonder if he means the language of loooove!), if she’d like to go to a movie with him or to the casino – afterall, beautiful ladies need a little fun in their lives, too.

Being the lady that we all know she is, my mother graciously declines his offer.

Another customer (and family friend) heard the entire conversation and asks if my mom is flattered or offended.

Mom’s response: “It was a compliment, but not much of one since I suspect that at 96 years old, his vision isn’t very good!”

So apparently April and my experience last week with skeezy obstacle commuting wasn’t unique… It just runs in the family!



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  1. Well, given that I know your mother, I am not the least bit surprised! He may be 96, but there is nothing wrong with his eyesight!!!

  2. Dear Anonymous: True Story!* She is a looker 🙂 *patent pending

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