For my Hero…

October 19, 2009 at 8:28 am | Posted in Heebs, Misc. | 2 Comments

Dear reader(s),

It is with a heavy heart that I share today’s blog. This weekend my grandmother passed away. She was an amazing woman, I miss her tremendously and I’m very proud of her. She had a tough life, but made the most of it. And so, with your kindness and patience, I’ve decided to post the obituary I wrote for her as today’s blog. Because as my dear co-blogger says, it’s our blog and we can write what we want!

So here’s to my grandmother, my hero…

Ethel Rose, beloved wife of the late Joshua Rose, passed away Saturday, October 17, 2009 at Hebrew Healthcare. Ethel was born around 1914 in Russia. One of only a handful of Jewish women trained as pharmacists, she escaped German occupation and spent much of the war in southwestern Russia. She lost her family, including her husband and child, during the war. After the Holocaust, Ethel married Joshua Rose in a displaced persons camp in Germany where they had two children: Ruven and Lisa. The Rose family immigrated to Wichita, Kansas where they owned several clothing stores and had a third child, Unyce. In 1980, Ethel and Joshua moved to Denver, Colorado, where Joshua passed away in 1985. A very active member of the community, Ethel was known for her hospitality and culinary skills. In 1997, Ethel moved to West Hartford, CT to be closer to family. In recent years she was a happy resident of the Hebrew Healthcare, where she enjoyed bingo, celebrating Shabbat and holidays with her friends and family, and welcoming visitors with a beaming smile and big kiss.

Ethel was generous, kind, quick to praise and always made sure everyone knew how much she loved them. Her story has inspired and empowered her family and everyone who has heard it. She is survived by her three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.



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  1. A beautifully written tribute.Your Grandmother was such a lovely woman who ALWAYS had something nice to say to me – and everyone else.May her memory be a blessing.Hugs and tears,Bunny

  2. Hey Sarah, I'm sorry for your loss. Your grandmother sounds like an awesome woman!

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