A Belated Holiday Gift…?

December 29, 2009 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Spam | 3 Comments
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As you know, we Factinis & Factomelettes gals appreciate gifts, bribes and tokens of love in *almost* all forms (including, but not limited to: gift cards, shiny objects, baked goods, love letters, As Seen on TV products we can’t live without, etc.) Thus far we’ve been very fortunate, but this week I received an offer that changed my mind about unsolicited gifts…

Thanks to my prowess as a blogger, a Mr. Vlad Bad has offered me the opportunity to order Russian Brides online. That’s right, not just one bride, but multiple brides are available for my perusal and selection on the interwebs. You may ask, dear reader(s), how I know this is a serious offer, and not just spam.

Well, spam hardly seems likely. How many Russian Brides are out there on the internets? Not enough to give to every Tom, Dick and Sarah, that’s for sure! Wonder if they can be shipped already gift wrapped?

While I appreciate your kind offer, Mr. Bad, I will have to pass. In the future, please note that a better way to my heart is through Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Anonymous Russian brides just don’t warm my soul in the same way as a hot latte!



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  1. Well then.. good thing I kept the receipt for the mail order bride I got you this year!

  2. Ha! I don't know where you guys get your stock photos from, but this one is particularly fun.

  3. Agreed, Yan – please return said bride immediately. But seriously: why no mail order grooms, people???

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