How do YOU Cope?

February 9, 2010 at 9:13 am | Posted in Office Humor | 10 Comments
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Sometimes work can get a little stressful, and we all have our methods of handling the pressure. Some turn to exercise, others to booze or candy, some get angry and grouchy, others weepy and hysterical. How do I cope with work stress? Well, luckily for you, my dear co-blogger was able to document my coping mechanism…


That’s right: I cover my head. I wrap my hair in a scarf, tie a ribbon or pull up a hood over my noggin. Why? I have no idea, but that’s how I roll!

How do you, dear reader(s), cope with stress at work? Seen anyone with a sillier coping mechanism than head-coverings? Do tell!

In the meantime, I’m a feeling little anxious about exposing my nuttiness over the interwebs… April, where did I put my scarf??



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  1. That’s not nutty; it’s just a means of narrowing your mental focus, same as squinting your eyes or covering one ear to sing a harmony.

    I, on the other hand, anxiously click my fingernails together in a way that screams “just let out of the asylum.”

    • Ooooh, good rationalizing, Leah! I like it! And I hear clicking fingernails is a sign of intelligence… after all, Montgomery Burns does it all the time on the Simpsons and he’s a bazillionaire!

  2. I have the “warning hoodie”, which is a green hoodie with skulls on it (like your scarf) that stays on the back of my chair, and when I am at my limit I throw it on and put the hood up. Even my boss stays away until I take it off! Then I read Factinis and Factomelettes and realize that there are worse things, like horrible commutes! Then I make a lunch date with A & S which makes things all better again! Just thought you wanted to know.

    • I heart the “warning hoodie,” and I just adore that we share the same solution for releasing stress! When’s our next lunch break? I’m in scarf mode again. ~Sarah

  3. I find wearing a scarf (and playing with it!) very soothing, though I’ve never tried actually hiding under it. Sadly, since I sit at a desk kind of in the waiting room, that probably wouldn’t go over well…

    • Hiding is my favorite… maybe you can use a nice hat? Hmmm… Keep up the good scarf-wearing!

  4. I’m one of the “exercisers”…. I’ve even sent a picture of my fancy new running shoes. Enjoy

  5. Well now the readers might need a pic of “The other sisters” glamorous new kicks!

  6. Another reason not to move to France: I think stress scarves like that are banned there!

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