Movie Delivery Fail

March 4, 2010 at 9:34 am | Posted in Misc. | 7 Comments
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Andrew and I love cuddling up on the couch to watch movies together and, thanks to a little service you may have heard of that Rhymes-With-Jet-Clicks, we do so about three times a week. But sometimes Rhymes-With-Jet-Clicks and the USPS conspire against us… For example, one night we had three movies waiting for us:

These arrived in the same shipment! Movie related to the number 9, anyone?

Yes, that is District 9, 9, and another copy of District 9. Can you hear me banging my head against the wall?

You see, the first copy of District 9 (alien sci-fi thriller in cinema verite-style) was supposed to be at our house nearly two weeks ago, but it never arrived. We reported it missing so they sent us a second copy (thank you!). Miraculously both copies arrived on the same day… with 9 (post apocalyptic robot v. machine world co-produced by creep-master Tim Burton). Now, if only Nine (Daniel Day-Lewis as movie director, adulterer and singer) were also out on video, we could have had a week of nines!

By the way, what’s with all the nines??? Hollywood, please explain yourself!



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  1. Either Ryhmes-With-Jet-Clicks was promoting District 9 really heavily, or they wanted to really make up for their mistake and went with the old third times a charm motto!

    Question: Are couples suppose to enjoy spending time together and snuggling up to each other after work during the week? Are the separated cushions on the couch not created to do just that, divide your space and his? I am confused, my week nights are nothing like you describe. =)

    Also, can you tell my Ryhmes-With-Moss is out of the office this week! What a treat!

    • Snarky Love: Is there anything I can do to facilitate an extended vacation for Rhymes-With-Moss???

      RE your question: After a long, horrible day, sometimes Andrew and I have to shelter each other in a cocoon of snuggles to ensure neither of us runs off the deep end and totally loses our marbles. The only solution we’ve found for bouts of rage at the world is to simply immobilize each other in front of the idiot box 😉 Give it a whirl sometime…

    • Snarky Love, I think Sarah and her intended are the exceptions here, not you. There’s no cuddly-bunnies after work in my house, either. The hubs and I even have our own couches!

      PS Can your Rhymes-With-Schmoss go on vacation more often?

  2. The number 9:
    1.It means that you are very forgiving and an introvert. Some of your strengths include love and compassion, brotherhood of mankind, having big opportunities in life, and a capacity for living by Divine Standards. Some of the negative aspects of the number 9 are impulsiveness, possessiveness, moods and depression, and wrong habits. Colors that 9’s are partial to are red, carmine, lavender, olive, straw, and smoke. 9 also represents mankind’s last earthly lesson: forgiveness. A 9 also attracts money and fortune.
    2. NUMBER 9 is what the beatles say in the white album…

    • You are a wealth of knowledge, The Other Sister. Fascinating, truly fascinating.

      • I also meant to say that you are like a wise little Buddha covered in fur.

  3. I feel totally enlightened, Other Sister… And I also have the Beatles repeating “number 9, number 9” stuck in my head now.

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