Case of the Mondays? No Thank You!

April 5, 2010 at 8:23 am | Posted in Misc. | 19 Comments
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Mondays are usually pretty “carpy” days for this gal. It seems I contract a wicked Case of the Mondays more often than I care to admit (not to mention the Spastic Colon Sundays I endure in anticipation of the next day’s condition). But today is different! Today I was able to banish the work-week blues with one phrase:     

From PhotoBucket


Happy Birthday, April!     

That’s right, today is my bloggier half’s special day! And (she may clobber me for saying so, but here goes…) this isn’t just any birthday: today Arps turns 30!!! The big 3-0, the Dirty Thirty, the…okay, you get the picture.      

Anyway, according to, the thirtieth birthday is special because April is “now officially a mature and responsible adult who has the necessary wisdom to make important decisions in life. The 30th birthday heralds adult status with measured indulgence.”  Imagine, all that happened between yesterday and this morning… Amazing!    

Happy birthday, Mrs. W!      





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  1. I can hardly believe it! My big sis is 30! I could certainly give you all some great (and embaressing) back stories about April’s life until this point…. we’ll see how many of you want it.

    • Ummm, yes please!

      • No, thanks! No one wants to hear those boring old tales.

        • I’d love to see accompanying photos and/or videos of said stories…

  2. Happy Birthday April!!

    • Thanks, Sarina! I feel honored that you came out of lurking status to wish me a happy birthday!

  3. sure publishes a lot of crap. They just keep turning it out, huh?

    • The interwebs are always full of useful info… not to mention measured indulgence…?

    • Thank goodness I finally have the wisdom to make important life decisions! But what do I do with my Magic 8 Ball and Ouija Board?

      • Donate ’em to the youngin’s who are neither mature nor responsible – yet…

        • I’ll take them. I’ve been having trouble making big girl decisions.

  4. Can’t be my baby that’s 30 – must be someone else’s child.

    • You’re too young to have a 30-year-old!

  5. I am putting my career on the line to wish a certain someone HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I just wish I could remember who it is!

    And yes to the stories other sister, do they come with any pictures?! That would be even better!

    • Snarky Love, you are the best! And there are no stories. Definitely no pictures! Although if there were stories, you, Ryan and Mike might be involved…

    • I think maybe we should ask “schmom” if there are any good pictures out there…. I may be able to dig one up of April in cut-off jean shorts and a flannel shirt tied around her waist.

      Here’s a teaser: April once threw a fit over cheese soup. After refusing to eat it for dinner, she was made to sit at the table until she ate it. April sat at that table for hours having a tantrum about it. And yes, there is a video of this out there somewhere. Did I mention she was about 12? No, not 4, 12.

      • HAHAHAHAH – that’s a riot! You know she’d BEG for anything involving cheese now at the ripe (and mature) age of 30 😉

        • Nope, that cheese soup was horrendous. Sorry, Schmom!

          • Was she over 30 when she made said soup? If not, it isn’t her fault. Clearly the Ouija board steered her wrong with THAT recipe…

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