Humble Pie: April & Sarah Revisit Their Diet

April 12, 2010 at 8:05 am | Posted in Misc. | 6 Comments

It has been over a month since April and I started our “healthy eating initiative.” The first week was mind-boggling, the second week made us cranky, the third week was chock full of desperation, week four was smelly, week five was less-than-carbtastic, and last week was, well, let’s just call it a splurge.


We admit it: we hit the D.D.D. phase (during diet doldrums). We ate with abandon. We celebrated April’s birth with ice cream cake and lunches out with Shmarge, RWC and Snarky Love. We drank beer and fruity cocktails (not to excess, and only at special occasions… but still not on the plan), we snacked, and snacked, and snacked some more, and enjoyed every minute of it! That is, every minute until our weekly weigh-in.

So here we are, eating a virtual slice of humble pie (mmmm… pie… no! Focus, Sarah – no more pie!) by publicly announcing the error of our ways and rededicating ourselves to healthier choices.
Pass the celery, please… Sigh.




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  1. Dieting blows. I’m trying to shave off 4 pounds I gained since starting my new job, but there keeps being bagels and cake in the conference room. BAGELS AND CAKE BAGELS AND CAKE! I need an accountability partner like you guys have.

    • Leah, you’re more than welcome to endure a “healthy eating plan” with us- we can keep each other virtually responsible 😉 Or something… PS Did someone say bagels and cake??? Mmmmmmmmm!

      • Mmmm… bagels… wait, what?

        • I heard there was cake involved… Cake!?!

          • I’m so hungry!

  2. Yum, bagels

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