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  1. Ha – great post.

    Once when dressed as a “low income, mobile home resident” for Halloween (complete with 6 inch high teased hair, a full container of blush on my cheeks and skintight jean/leggings with faux cheetah fur trim), I was told that the look “really suited me.” Unfortunately no snappy come back, as I was in South Carolina at the time and felt that the comment may have been meant as a legitimate complement, due to personal preferences. Always wondered if the acquaintance was sad that the jeggings didn’t make a repeat appearance.

    • Hahah, Brooke that “outfit” sounds fantastic! And where did you find jeggings with faux cheetah fur trim?? Consider me amazed 😉

      • My roommate at the time had a cousin who found herself unexpectedly knocked up. Rather than let her “good” clothes go to waste while her waistline expanded, she sent them to my roommate at college. There was fodder for several girls’ costumes.

        • Well done! So not only were the jeggings HOT, but they were also free! Love it! XO

  2. Several years ago for a cousin’s bridal shower I scrunched up my hair so it looked more voluminous and wavy, and my grandmother’s response was, “you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket.” Not exactly the look I was going for…

    It’s true- the old ladies always have the best ones…

    • When is potential electrocution NOT a compliment? 😉 Nice! When I’m a granny I look forward to losing my filter and saying whatever I darn well please, too 😉

  3. I enjoy people that are “comfortable” enough with you to recognize your loss of a few extra pounds with the truly supportive comment “I noticed that your butt looks smaller”.

    • Supportive AND appropriate!

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