Attack of the Big White Dress

May 11, 2010 at 1:35 pm | Posted in Married Life | 10 Comments
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To say that I’ve had mild anxiety about wedding dress shopping would be kind, since we all know I was a hot mess! I had visions of taffeta torture and organza nightmares, I postponed the fateful shopping day more than a couple times and made no secret of my distaste for being the center of attention in a poufy gown. But this weekend my loving mother, dear friend and Maid of Honor, Rhymes-With-Tzarina, and future mother-in-law (Rhymes-With-Mathy) and sister-in-law (Schmelizabeth) put an end to all that.

That’s right: they staged an intervention (of sorts). Tzarina flew across the country, my parents and future in-laws road-tripped to Massachusetts, and I put on my brave face and strapless bra to finally face the fabric.

Our first stop was Camilla’s in Arlington, Mass. I received an insider’s tip about how amazing this store is and the owner, Nivia, did NOT disappoint.  My adventurous entourage and I couldn’t have started in a better spot.  In fact, with her arms of steel, Nivia managed to squeeze me into every sample gown, and I didn’t look marshmallow-tastic at all. 

And I actually… had… a… great time!!

In fact, I believe we found THE dress!  And so, in typical Sarah-style, I refused to try on any other dresses at any other stores.  But we still had a few more shops to visit, so it was payback time: Tzarina and my future sister-in-law tried on bridesmaid dresses ranging from huge to hideous, “it’s a nice concept” to “my eyes are burning!”  And they were really good sports about it all – and even looked amazing in the most horrible of bridesmaid attire.  We may have also coerced my future mother-in-law to try on a few long black dresses… and she looked smokin’!

All in all, it was a fantastic day, and I’m officially over my fears and excited about wedding planning!  We knew I’d get here eventually… so watch out, world!  This bride-to-be is ready to plan!!




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  1. YEAH!!! That’s the way to do it! Camilla’s never disappoints!!!


    • Thank you, Leah!
      I feel a little silly about all the drama, but I freely admit that I was wrong: I did not look like a sausage or a marshmallow, and I had fun!
      Your support is awesome 🙂

      Future brides: Camilla’s is so un-scary! Do it. Do it. Do it.

  2. You looked beautiful!!! The weekend couldn’t have been better!!

    • Thanks, Sarina!!!!!!! XOXO!

  3. Aww.. this makes me so excited and happy for you, Sarah! All you need now is a life-size cake sculpture of you in the dress.

  4. YAAAAAAY! So happy Camilla’s did the trick. I’m sure you looked gorgeous in every single one of those dresses!!! Hip hip hooooray and huzzah to boot!!

    • Your insider’s tip was FAB! Thanks for all the help, advice and support 🙂 XO

  5. I am very happy for you and I’m sure you look just beautiful. I decided when I get married I am just picking a color for the bridal party and they can get any gown they want in that color. I think that way they will always love their dress. I have to learnto get comments that make someone leave the info you do because i get too many annonymous and i really likeit your way. good luck with all the planning . Stacey Halprin

    • Thanks so much, Stacey! Does this mean we may hear wedding bells in your future, too??? XOXO

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