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  1. I’d comment, but am too busy typing in the address to my future world of Taco Bell/slimness!
    I’m in heaven!
    I’ll be so thin at your wedding that if I stand sideways you won’t know I’m there!
    You WILL have a drive thru window there so I can enjoy the wedding vitals too, right????

    • Oooh, a drive thru window at our wedding? That’s BRILLIANT, Bunny!!! Next time I see you I’m giving you a big hug for that idea… that is, if I can find you… try not to stand sideways 😉

  2. Okay, Sarah, I guess this means it’s time to make a run (via car) for the (drive-thru) border! Extra lbs. be gone!

    • HAHAHAH – way to “think outside the bun,” Arpil! I feel too skinny already 😉

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