Diet Update: Gluttony Ahead!

June 7, 2010 at 11:22 am | Posted in Married Life | 8 Comments
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It has been 3.5 months since we started our healthy eating initiative, and it hasn’t been easy.  April and I have bravely faced hallucinations, crumb cravings and oat incidents, we’ve eaten a few too many helpings of humble pie, dreamed of mythical nourishment and even researched alternative eating plans.  And despite all these obstacles, we persevere in the name of becoming a slender bride (yours truly) and a healthy mommy (Arpil).     

I started today with a bowl of rabbit food (aka Fiber One) and banana for breakfast.  It was boring, fibertastic and completely uninspiring.  And with 125 days left until my nuptials, I’m looking at a many more blasé breakfasts… so I decided that it’s time to start focusing on something that will make me VERY happy: gluttony.  

This is just the start... October 11, 2010, here I come!


In 126 days, I plan to enjoy all the foods I miss in whatever quantity I can hold in my ever-shrinking stomach!  My first thoughts were about chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, nachos, ice cream, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, pizza and biscuits.  My next thoughts were… no, I’m sorry, I’m still stuck on those foods.  Mmmmm…    

What, dear reader(s), would you enjoy on your first day of off-diet-gluttony… errr, I mean marriage? 



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  1. Sorry to hear you’re suffering from junk food withdrawal. Does it make you feel any better that my major craving at the moment is for pineapple?? I only have the occasional I need a pizza NOW moment, but I mainly want fruit. How bizzarre!! xoxo

    • DANG! I hear that from a lot of pregnant ladies… Women look forward to cravings and eating whatever we want during pregnancy… and then? Pineapple. Boo.

      • I think I’ll have to make up for it when the baby is there and say “well, I can’t go out for a walk with the baby unless I have a handbag and shoes that match his/her outfit.” How about that? Plus handbag cravings aren’t fattening at all.

        • Oooh, good point! Not to mention homegoods… Lots and lots of homegoods!

  2. BEWARE…It goes on faster than it comes off.

    • Oh good. The voice of reason invades my blog space. Sigh.

  3. Who invited the voice of reason to the party? My major cravings lately have just been french fries and soft serve vanilla ice cream with rainbow jimmies!!!

    • LOL! Other Sister, I adore you!!!

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