Photo Phriday: Gloves or Sneakers?

June 18, 2010 at 7:09 am | Posted in Photo Phriday | 5 Comments
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I’ve mentioned before that The Other Sister loves to run. A while ago she got some new running shoes. Well, she claims they’re shoes, but I’m convinced they’re actually gardening gloves. You decide, reader(s). Here they are:

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

Shoes? Gloves? I'm confused.

If you think the photo is weird, you should see someone actually wearing them. The first time I saw someone wearing them was at the train station. A man was wearing them with his suit. I thought he was a mutant escaped from the set of X-Men. True story.

Happy Friday!



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  1. My brother has these! They look sooooooooo weird!

  2. They may be weird but they’re amazing!!!! And when I run a race people are so distracted by them that I can easily pass even the fastest of runners (if they’re also nosey)!

  3. When she runs in the snow, people look at the imprint and think some weird animal is on the loose! And they might be right! ☺

  4. Ew, as I’m looking at that picture of my shoes when they were new…. I’m realizing how dirty they are right now. Gross, into the washing machine with you!

    • You can put them in the washing machine??? Hmmm… Do you have to wear toe socks with them, or do you run au naturale? 😉

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