And Baby Makes Four

June 22, 2010 at 8:41 am | Posted in Misc. | 10 Comments
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I’ve been sitting on some big news for the past 19 weeks. And I think it’s about time I shared it with you, my loyal reader(s). Drumroll, please. No, seriously, do the drumroll.  I’ll wait…

Mike and I have another little rugrat on the way, due November 15. That’s right, this Thanksgiving we’ll have two under two. Unless this baby is as stubborn as its big brother, in which case I’ll be pregnant well into 2011. And while some people think we’re crazy for having two so close together, Mike and I always enjoy a good adventure. Of course, when Max spends the entire day screaming, ripping up all his books and yanking fistfuls of fur out of the cat I wonder what could possibly have been going through our heads when we thought adding a second little monster to our family was a good idea. And then Max shoves a book in my face and cuddles up against me while I read Curious George for the 40th time that day or he shrieks “DADAAAAAAA” when Mike walks in the door after a gruelling day at work and I know we made the right choice.

But if you want to wish me luck, I’ll take it.



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  1. Congratulations are DEFINITELY in order… and so is luck 🙂 LOVE YOU!

    • We are very excited!

  2. I can’t wait! You guys will do just fine.

    • We think so, too. And we can’t wait to introduce baby #2 to Aunt Tracy!

  3. Hooray and congratulations!

    • Thank you!

  4. Well like Ryan and I always say “thats Mike and April for yah”! If the next one is anything like Max they will be absolutely awesome! You guys can handle it!

    • Hey, we’re newlyweds! What do you want from us?

  5. You’re pregnant?!?! I figured you were just packin on the pounds! Just kidding, can’t wait to be an auntie of two!!

    • Hahaha!!! Sometimes I like to tell strangers I’m just fat. Is that wrong?

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