Jinxing Myself?

June 23, 2010 at 8:08 am | Posted in Married Life | 18 Comments
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I’m actually feeling pretty good about the state of my wedding planning (thanks in no small part to my superwoman of a mom and honorable maid of honor! Oh, and my handsome groom, too…). We have a banquet hall, an officiant (a deeelightful, dare-I-say-dreamy fella), a florist, a DJ, a yummy cake and stupendous party food (including an appropriate amount of cheese), a white dress (it’s ordered, though not in my possession, and I say that counts), a photographer, and invitations (again, ordered counts in my world).  

I know we still need to secure bridesmaids dresses, grooms and groomsmen’s attire, favors and other random accessories (shoes, veil, hair-do, the old, the borrowed and the blue, etc.), but I’m feeling good about our progress!  

Oh Cheezburger.com, you always know my worst fears! Note to self: buy cashews...


And yet, as I write this I have a semi-irrational fear that I’m about to jinx it; that there is some huge part of this process I’ve forgotten about. So I’m turning to you, dear reader(s): what am I missing? Where did you have unexpected hiccups…or speed bumps…or even full-on roadblocks? 

I love advice, happy stories, planning help… and even the occasional horror story (if I’m confident it won’t happen to me). Spill it, dear reader(s)! 



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  1. Well, according to a certain relative of E’s, it is imperative that you have a bear whistle, in case of ursine party crashers.

    I’m assuming that being in October, your wedding is indoors, but a bride can never be too careful. And if you start shopping now, you might be able to find one to coordinate with your dress.

    • Oh! A bear whistle… I hadn’t considered that, and will add ursine party crashers to my “things to plan for” list. Perhaps I will bedazzle said whistle to match our decor 😉 Thanks, S#1 – I knew I could count on you!

    • Good call, Sarah. I had forgotten about that (I know, I know, how could I have done?!).

      S#2, depending on the cut of your dress, you might want to start the bra and underwear search early. I suppose that might fall under “other random accessories” but without getting into details, I will admit that there was a bit of a last minute scramble in my own wedding preparations.

      Yay, I posted about my underwear on the Internet! Another life goal down.

      • LOL – well done, Aforementioned E! You talked about undies online!!! I’m so proud 🙂 Oooh, and I did, too! Check that off the bucket list 😉

  2. Just a couple of thoughts…

    Have “Thank You” cards ready to fill out and send.

    You’ll need lists. Who you want in the posed photos(this can save a lot of trouble). Gifts-what and from whom. Last minute check list. Packing list

    Is the honeymoon planned for? Do you have the clothes and other items you need for that?

    Do you have plans for bride and groom to get something to eat before wedding(unless you’re getting married first thing)? designate someone to be sure you eat, drink and visit the bathroom ( you laugh, but…)

    Spare stockings, if aplicable?

    Hair appointment?

    And finally, appropriate meds (aspirin,pepto, bandaid,etc) to cover you and wedding party in case of minor issues(hangover, over-excitement,etc)

    All just bits and pieces that can avoid problems

    So plan for eventualities, the have a great day!


    • Well, Catherine, considering I just checked out your blog and realized you are a psychic (awesome!), I’m going to take everything you said EXTRA seriously! I love practical advice 🙂 And really good call about the bathroom issues – I know I’ll have funny stories about that adventure… 😉

  3. Also: Tide To Go or some other instant stain remover thingy.

    Not a major item, but boy did the person who brought that tiny little tube to our not-rehearsal dinner impress the future in-laws!

    • LOL! It’s like you’ve been to an important event with me 😉 I am always spilling something!

  4. My wedding gown was totally pearled on the top – special designer issue just for me…
    It arrived with 5 million white pearls and one *BLACK* pearl stitched on right smack in the middle of the top!
    Since it was a continuous hand done stitching it needed to go back….
    It did.
    It came back to us on the Friday before the wedding….
    We were so relieved….. until we took the gown out of the box and found big dark footprints running up the whole back of the train… which was attached to the gown.
    Soooo… off it went to the cleaners … and finally arrived for the last time a few minutes before the wedding!
    Oh yes… and the bridesmaid gowns we ordered came in wrong… were a gown I never would have chosen. Too late to return them… my bridesmaids wore them anyway.
    They looked silly in them…
    Maybe that’s enough terror for one day……

    But I am married for 46 years…. so maybe it’s good luck when all goes amuck!!! 🙂

    • WOW! Bunny, that’s an awesome story… and with a build up like that, the marriage was sure to last 🙂 I would have dissolved into a puzzle long before the actual ceremony.

  5. Get thee to a doctor stat if you or Andrew think you might be coming down with something a few days before the Big Day. I had to take Mike to the CVS Minute Clinic for a nasty ear infection just a few hours before we got married. I was still in my pjs.

    • Oh, good call – I remember that! No Minute Clinics for us 😉

  6. The lists that I made (but left on my kitchen table before our rehearsal dinner and final venue meeting, thus negating the fact that I actually did write the d&m* things) of where all the various stuff should go (like where to put the kiddush cup where your rabbi can actually find it), who is taking what home after the wedding (really critical list), and a minute-by-minute play by play of the ceremony, which I really should have handed out to all the players so they’d have a clue… I’d recommend all those things, particularly if you’re a type A like us. Yep. Coulda-shoulda…
    Oh, and bring straws, blotting papers, lipstick, and more kleenex packs than you ever thought you could need along with you in your maid of honor’s purse. Trust me on that one.

    • ABR: Glorious advice! I expect nothing less from a fellow Type-A Wellesley gal 😉 In all seriousness, those are REALLY good tips! Thank you!!

  7. I suggest leaving a chocolate fountain out of the reception unless you plan on either wearing a plastic white dress or do not plan on serving alcoholic beverages. My sister missed an hour of her wedding, and ther was no tide stick big enough in the world to help out with that mess! By the way, my sister says good luck to you, Sarah!

  8. Oooh, Snarky, good call on the chocolate fountain! You know I was pondering that little addition but I didn’t think it through. Ixnay on the ountainfay!

  9. I second the appropriate medicine/first aid kit. As it later turned out – I had a stomach bug and 2 of my three bridesmaids were very early in their first trimesters. We went through all saltenes, gingerale, pepermints and tums that we had :). Hope your day is a little smoother sailing.

    • Oh my! That sounds… ummm… delightful? Okay, definitely packing a medicine/first aid kit complete with Tums! Sounds like the nuttier the wedding day, the longer the marriage from all these stories 😀

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