Guard Dog?

June 25, 2010 at 7:39 am | Posted in Photo Phriday | 7 Comments
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Andrew and I are in CT celebrating his brother, Rhymes-With-Gnarly’s, high school graduation and a couple friends’ weddings (yes, all in the same weekend). We also managed to squeeze in a meeting with our DJ and other nuptials-related tasks. And, the piece de resistance, we found an appropriate image for today’s Photo Phriday!

A Guard Dog? Marker of Arlington Pet Cemetary North? You tell me!

Yes, that IS a statue of a golden dog, flanked by American flags, over a mound of fresh soil, in front of someone’s home. Which made us wonder: what is underneath this… umm… No, let me rephrase: what does this piece of art signify?

All theories welcome! What’s your best guess, dear reader(s)?



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  1. Maybe a giant rawhide bone?

    • I mean, that’s what’s underneath it.

      • LOL – yes, I bet it’s like an underground bank vault for rawhide bones and other giant treats. Think the dog needed a permit?

  2. Pet Cemetery?

    • Like a mausoleum… for pets… in a residential neighborhood…

  3. Sanjay — he is hiding….

    • Ah yes, we have found the good doctor’s lair!

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