Ewwww, words!

June 29, 2010 at 8:14 am | Posted in Misc. | 9 Comments
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Some words should keep their hands to themselves!! (Photo from Australia Post campaign)

A few nights ago I was hanging out with friends when one of us used the word “moist” to describe an ideal cake. My reaction? Sounds delicious! My friend Rhymes-With-Hat-Trick’s reaction? Gross.    

You see, Hat-Trick hates the word moist. In fact, he reported that his mom has a similarly visceral reaction to the same word. Nature v. Nurture? We won’t go there. But I will say that the irrational hatred of words is a far more common occurrence than Daniel Webster might have preferred!    

Which words give you the heeby-jeebies? Does “nectar” make your skin crawl? Does the mere mention of “dungarees” make you want to pull out your hair in clumps? Should “holla” refer exclusively to braided bread or can you abide by using it as a greeting, too? Do tell!    

~ Sarah


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  1. panties

    • Good one!!! I definitely dislike that word!

  2. Congeal.

    • OH… yes, “congeal” is GROSS!

      • And gelatinous. I don’t even know if I’m spelling it right. The word is so nasty I can’t be bothered with proper spelling.

  3. What-cha-ma-call-it

  4. The word ‘funky’ ew…

    • Funky just sounds… funky! Ick!

      • ha ha!! some good ones here, sarah! gelatinous…(april’s hated word)

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