Photo Phriday: God is Calling

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Editor’s Note: I know how much you, our dear reader(s), wish you could be privy to actual conversations between me and Sarah. Well, today is your lucky day! Kind of. For your reading pleasure, we are posting an email conversation we recently had about a poster Sarah saw at a church. 

Sarah: I’m here at the rehearsal for the guy’s wedding and this poster is all over the place. 

G-d is calling – from his “home number” (not his cell) and I couldn’t help but point that out to you. You know, in case you get a call from an unknown number. Pick it up. 

Its God... Take the Call


God is Calling








April: Well that’s a weird poster.  I mean, would God really prefer an iPhone over a Blackberry?  I feel like He is an early adopter, so he’s probably got something way cooler.  Like being able to work miracles and all that.  But I could be wrong.  I haven’t been to church in a while. 

Sarah: Exactly! And, given AT&T’s unreliable service, I doubt the big guy would use that provider. I mean honestly, can you imagine a diety regularly dealing with dropped calls? 


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