The (un)Civil War’s Final Stand… (We Hope)

July 20, 2010 at 9:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
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We are totally blown away by our dear readers’ (both old and new) support – your logical, credible and witty comments have brightened our days and we couldn’t ask for more “genteel” e-friends.  And so, it is with this overwhelming appreciation that we post what we hope will be the last entry regarding what we’re affectionately referring to as CW2 (Civil War II). Why not end it with April’s last post, you may ask? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to you. 

It has come to our attention that throngs of our reader(s) decided to voice their displeasure directly on our apparent-nemesis’ blog – an appropriate venue, if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, if you have visited his website recently, you’ll note that Mod/Valso/whatever other name he chooses to hide behind has actively chosen not to post ANY of your comments. And that’s just not right. Here’s his latest missive: 


(Warning – I’m heading getting on my soapbox) Blogs are about dialogue, discussion, and even the occasional conflict (but not too often – you know it sends me into a tizzy). If we didn’t want any response or reaction, we – and I’m including Mod/Valso in this – could simply write our musings in journals and hide them under our beds. 

And so, dear reader(s), if there are other messages you want to get out, messages that were censored when you tried to post them, NOW is the time to do it, and this is the place. 

Bring on the catharsis! 

And then we can move on to our regularly scheduled silly observations!! 

~ Sarah 


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  1. Sarah –

    As a southerner, I was pulled into this blog discussion and came to the conclusion that what should have been friendly banter about a (thankfully) fluffy subject has been turned into a full on feud by someone who clearly has less to worry about than the rest of us. Therefore, I submitted the following post to Valso’s blog. Lets see if it even gets published…

    “Dear Valso, respectfully – what ever happened to healthy discussion? not publishing the other side of the story is clear evidence that you know you’re in the wrong. only a bully refuses to engage in dialogue. as a southerner myself, i am deeply disappointed in your representation of a normally civilized people. perhaps you need to take a serious introspective look at the meaning of your life. why else would you find the need to search out strangers’ blogs in hopes to hyperbolize something said merely in jest? have you nothing better to do with your time? i find it hard to believe, but here goes: Bostonians, I’m with you. Valso, you’ve clearly taken this too far.

    I doubt this will even be posted… but I’m hoping you recognize that the point of a blog is to stimulate discussion and not become a whiny child when people call you out on your hypocritical behavior.”

    • Way to get that off your chest, A. Observer! We’re happy to welcome you to the ranks of the “crass yankees.” Thanks for showing us some REAL southern intelligence.

  2. April, Sara, and friends PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t judge Mobile by the standards set by Mod and the gang. I will be unfriending Mod and Doc today. They are doing great damage to the already hurting gulf coast tourism industry. I hope my fellow Mobilians follow my lead…..

    • Dear Right Layne,

      Thank you for your comment! We know there are unfriendly, judgmental people everywhere – Mobile is no exception 🙂 In fact, I may have encountered some on my commute to work this morning here in Boston! I really enjoyed my stay in Mobile and promise not to let one silly blog war taint the high regard to which I hold your city. It’s folks like you that make Alabama such a nice place to visit, and we encourage our readers to check it out for themselves.

      Best, Sarah

  3. I found this a bit ironic, given the fact that just last week Mod Mobilian was in a tizzy about your satirical jab at the Maids. Which side of the mouth will they be speaking from next week?

    • Good call, Layne Changer!!!
      Oh Mod, Mod, Mod… pot or kettle?

      • And surprise, surprise! I made a similar comment on the Mod Mobilian blog and can you believ it? The Mod Mobilian Moderator (now that’s a mouthful, but actually, appropriate in a funny, ironic way) decided my post wasn’t worthy. Keep up the good work ladies, and next time in Mobile, look up Layne Changer and my better half (Right Layne) and we’ll show you a good time.

        • Mod Mobilian Moderator (“MMM?”) was censoring comments?!? And passing judgment on others?!? Well, consider us shocked 😉
          Layne Changer, you are FANTASTIC! We officially have an e-crush – Right Layne should feel very lucky 😀
          And if you and R.L. ever visit Beantown, we’ll be sure to point out some spots where you can see Bostonians dressed up in exaggerated historic garb.

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