Wait, The Civil War Didn’t End?

July 20, 2010 at 9:16 am | Posted in Around Boston | 17 Comments
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Sarah and I started this blog about a year ago because Boston is a weird place that provided us with daily laughs.  We thought there might be a handful of people who also found our stories humorous.  We also both needed a creative outlet to counteract the more formal writing required of our careers. 

I’ve found this whole web blogging experience to be enjoyable, especially when like-minded fans of the Interwebs add their own commentary to our observations.  I’ve learned a lot from my dear reader(s), like that there are people out there who hate the word “panties” and that a mysterious golden retriever statue in Connecticut may actually be hiding Sanjay, which is good to know because I was wondering what happened to him.

I also learned that not everyone grasps the concept of humor.   I received a call  from my bloggier half last night during which time it quickly became apparent that she was in a state that can only be described as a tizzy (unless I were to use adult language on this blog, in which case I’d describe her emotional state as something much more colorful).  Sarah was quite upset because some alleged doctor had taken her to task not once but three times for what he perceived to be a slam against the virtues of the Southern lady.  He even went so far as to call her “a superficial, conceited bitch.”  My dear friend was quite upset about that last bit, being that I  am the one typically being called a bitch.  

As I read through the comments this morning, I learned something else.  Some Southerners seem to have a chip on their shoulders when it comes to Northerners’ perceptions.  So what if some Bostonian you don’t know thought the Azalea Trail Maids are funny?  Man up, Buttercup.   They are  funny.  Just like it is hysterical that grown men and women hang around the Freedom Trail dressed like colonists.  Some Southern female I don’t know, and frankly don’t care to know, thinks Bostonians have a crass sense of humor.  I happen to think there are some very funny people in the Hub.  Let’s just agree to disagree.  You see, that’s what makes America such a wondrous country.  We are free to disagree.  Unless you’re a Communist.  Then you better shut the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks up.



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  1. You mean in the south it’s normal to wear a thousand yards of pastel fabric to the airport? Those folks are weirder than I ever thought!

    • I think the heat and humidity melted the section of our southerly friends’ brains that regulates the humor response. If you can’t laugh at yourself, what CAN you laugh at?

    • Exactly right, Leah. For people like us who interpret everything at face value on the interwebs and then make ridiculous assumptions about other population segments, it is safe to say that pastel is the only way to travel in style.

  2. LOVED this response! And in the list of interesting costume choices, once saw a man dressed up in a placenta/fetus suit outside of the capital (presumable to protest abortions but that was left up to the imagination. Maybe it was just a fashion choice?).

    • That was me. I always wear my placenta suit when in our nation’s capital.

    • I’m trying to imagine said outfit, Brooke, but I can’t truly grasp what the costume consisted of… I do love interesting outfits, but maybe this one is best left unimagined?

      • LOL – April, I should have known!

      • A very dapper man in a tan suit, to which approximately 100 plastic fetus and placenta replicas (measuring approximately 1-2 inches in size) had been lovingly stitched. The resulting effect was something akin to fringe. He was a walking advertisement for the practical application of skills learned in home ec class.

        • I’m impressed. I mean, political and religious views aside, he must be (or know) one helluva tailor! Pro-Life fringe is something you don’t see every day.

  3. I love pastels – ask anyone. I wear them in winter (cashmere and wool) and in the spring and summer…hell, I have pastel AND floral on right now. I dress like the 80’s – always have – always will. I took a lot of grief when preppy was no longer chic…but heck, I never want to be chic (even though preppy is back in vogue). I can handle that sort of heat from folks. It’s part of who I am. I pick the clothes I wear. Freedom of Dress. What I cannot handle is the southern heat – as in weather. I’m honest. I DESPISE it – and that is not a slam to southern states in any way. Not their fault. It’s a beef I have with Mother Nature. Does she have a blog? I think that the Azalea Trail Maids wear their pastels with pride, and if I did not see this photo in F&F, I would never have known that I had potential BFFs below the Mason Dixon line. I rolled my eyes and giggled – it was a surprise for sure…just like I giggle at grown men in Speedos who swim at the North Pole and Betty Ross standing in line at Starbucks on Charles Street waiting for her iced latte. Just a giggle of surprise and onward. Speedo Man and Betty both giggle as well…cause they probably expect it – and know they are just expressing themselves and their passions and interests. I don’t know anything about the Azalea Trail Maids, but I wonder if they would frown upon their neighbors for the language they used in several responses to a recent F&F post? Glad to meet you Azalea Trail Maids. Thanks F&F for the introduction. Not sure I want to meet these particular fans of the Azalea Trail Maids, tho…REDONKULOUS(that is a made-up Yankee word, btw)

    • Amen, Schmargaret!

  4. So should I now look for the deeper meaning behind when I see a employee of certain food chains dress up as coffee cups and hamburgers?

    • You mean you haven’t been extrapolating a bigger message about this population already? And you call yourself a stuck-up Northerner…

    • Maybe we should have thought harder before posting the pic of me and RWC being manhandled by a person dressed as a giant cup of coffee (https://factinisfactomelettes.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/april-do-it-with-the-doughnut/)

      • Sigh. Live and learn, April… Apparently we’ve sent a message to the world that all Bostonians dress as coffee shop menu offerings and manhandle passersby.

  5. Whoops — Betsy Ross…Betty White…same thing, right? Will I now be scolded by the DAR?

    • I dunno but I adore them both… and I have a feeling if Betsy Ross were around she wouldn’t mind being a hybrid power gal with Betty White 🙂

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