Runnin’ on Empty…

July 21, 2010 at 8:35 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 10 Comments
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After all the hullabaloo surrounding Factinis & Factomelettes these past two days, we thought a nice, tame post is just what the doctor would order (if we regularly went to see a medical professional about our blog), so today I will be espousing our views about politics, religion, abortions, PETA and other, more relaxed topics than travel and tourism. Just kidding!  

Today I shall regale you with tales of my latest fitness craze: C25K! That’s right: I’m purposely prying myself away from a heavenly couch to run five kilometers. More accurately: I’m prying myself away from the comfy couch (that may or may not have a delightful indentation matching the size and shape of my rump) to attempt to train to eventually run five kilometers. Tomaytoe, tomaaahtoe.  

I shall be a couch potato no more...


While I know three miles (give or take a few wheezes) may not sound terribly impressive to our more athletically-prowessed (yup, I just made up my own word) readers, for a gal who had spine surgery just a few short years ago, 5k is pretty darn awesome.  

And I’m not going it alone! My neighbor, Rhymes With Tinny (also known as Tirginia) got me started on this nine week adventure and we’ve been sweating and complaining together all summer. Yesterday we finished week six and thus far we have been able to employ some helpful tactics to power through the training including:  

  • Singing about our aches and pains
  • Solving each other’s personal crises in excruciating detail to distract ourselves
  • Over-analyzing everything (see above)
  • Picturing ourselves with “runners’ bodies”
  • And lots of encouragement and praise

But we have a funny feeling that weeks seven-nine won’t be the cake walk we are hoping for.  From here on out, it’s pain central!   




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  1. Way to go, Sarah & Rhymes-With-Tinny/Tirginia! That is awesome! When is the 5k?

    • Ummmm…well…excuse in 3…2…1…
      We haven’t exactly been able to sign up for one yet, what with all the wedding related stuff and High Holidays right around the time we complete the program. BUT WE WILL!
      Readers, any suggestions for a fun autumn 5k in the Boston area?

  2. Wow. That is very impressive. I don’t like running. Not even a little bit.

    • Hehe, thanks, Mary Ellen! We don’t enjoy running, either 😉

  3. Quite proud of you, Sarah! I know how hard it is to commit to a running program. Here you go for an awesome experience (and it fits into your schedule)

    You can start married life as a runner!

    • Nice researching, shmommy!! I’ve got a friend’s wedding that night, but starting the day with such a worthy cause 5k could be AWESOME. Maybe we could put together a Factinis team?!?

  4. Good Job! Let me know what one you choose and maybe I can tag along. Maybe I can get you to love running as much as me and the other sister! I even followed her lead by buying the toe sneakers you once blogged about and they are great.

    • That would be really fun, Snarky!! I imagine we’d go a bit slower than you, but would love to run together 🙂

      • PS Really? Toe sneakers? Great? Hmm… maybe when I’m a serious runner like you and Other Sister I’ll have to get a pair. Maybe.

        • The toe sneaker thing must be contagious. Hooray?

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