The Bad Bride Strikes Again

July 27, 2010 at 9:35 am | Posted in Around Boston, Married Life | 10 Comments
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Well, dear reader(s), I’ve done it again: I’ve demonstrated my bridal ineptitude to my hubs-to-be, and, to make it worse, a member of the USPS, too…

Our wedding invitations recently arrived and I was so excited (shockingly excited – I had no idea a piece of paper could have that effect on me!), I commandeered Saturday morning so Andrew and I could stuff them and send them out. As you can imagine, he didn’t share my unbridled enthusiasm, but we put on some tunes and found our wedding-invitation-stuffing-rhythm.     

The USPS’ most delicious stamp

It took a couple of hours, but we forced every last one of those invites into their inner envelopes along with the RSVP card and RSVP SASE, and then forced the inner envelopes into the outer envelopes, while doing our best to avoid the inevitable paper cuts. We sealed a big ol’ stack of ’em and took them to the post office where the USPS employee weighed them and informed us that we would need 61 cent stamps for each invitation. No problem! Andrew dutifully bought enough wedding cake stamps to mail himself to Malaysia.
The delightful postal employee then offered to mail the sealed stack we brought with us – huzzah! She asked us if we were ready to mail them, if we were sure we had everything we needed in them. Invitation? Check! Response card? You betcha! Self-addressed, stamped envelope for the response cards? Yup! Map/directions to our venue? Yea–wait, what?!?
Well, dear reader(s), I didn’t have the map/direction cards to our venue. So clearly I didn’t put them in the envelopes. Which meant that, not only were we unable to send the stack of sealed invitations that day, but that we would have to…  

  • Unseal the sealed invitations and reprint the envelopes.
  • Unstuff every single invitation!!
  • Call the venue and request that they send the map/direction cards.
  • Re-stuff all the invitations.
  • Bring the invitations back to the post office to weigh them again and pray the added paper doesn’t put us in a new stamp price category.

Granted, this could have been much worse. We could have sealed all the envelopes, not just a stack, and had to reorder and reprint them all. But the question remains: is there any hope for me?
~Sarah (the Bad Bride)      


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  1. Almost as bad as the invite we got that gave the date, city, time… but forgot to put the location on the invite!!
    True story! 🙂
    It was a Fall wedding given by an incredibly caring couple… so we just presumed they wanted us to drive through the countryside enjoying the foliage until we came across the wedding!!!
    We did!

    • LOL – oh my gosh! Thank heavens I didn’t do THAT 🙂 At least the scenery was lovely… right?

  2. Oh the joys of being a bride! Any mistake that in normal life would be resolved through one fix, now requires triple digit effort. At least you caught it and I’m sure that your guests will be grateful for the extra effort :). Fingers crossed on the stamp thing though, I know that is important.

    My invitation fun involved my husband’s family names … or relative flexibility with them. His grandmother is Arthurlyn, signs her checks Jackie (no part of her name), and goes in person by the letter B. His mother’s name is Jacquelyn, but only goes personally and professionally by Susie, not Susan (again no part of her actual name). And my personal favorite – his other grandpa Jim, we found out while addressing our invitations that his actual name is Carl (no Jim or James anywhere in there). It was humorous to watch my very etiquette-conscious sister’s head explode as we worked our way through this (her MOH gift to me was helping, plus she hates my handwriting). I figure this takes all the pressure off of naming any children in the future. I could name them John and call then Tim 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, Brooke, that’s too much! “Name flexibility” – LOVE IT! And I bet they have some really interesting stories about how they chose/received the names they use! Your in-law family sounds AWESOME!!!!!
      But oy, your poor sister…

      • I honestly don’t know all of them, but his mother is Susie because at the age of about 10 her brother had a girlfriend named Susie that they all thought she looked like. So anyone in your family ever date someone with a name you liked better than Sarah … hazah it is your’s! As I only have a sister, I don’t think that I ever really considered becoming Dave, Tim, etc.

        • Now THAT’S an interesting story!! Not sure who I would be other than “Sarah” but now that I know I can, I’ll start looking for a new name 😉

  3. Sarah,
    I saw the picture of the little stamp (which we used too) and headed over here to check out what you wrote. Our invites were gigantic with three cards of 100# card stock, and then invitations with 3 pieces of heavy paper and a large petal fold envelope around them and then an outside envelope. All of that was still 61 cents to mail, so I think you’ll be okay unless the extra cards are sooooooo heavy. We made our own and sent them out so late that the RSVP date that was printed on the cards was about 2 weeks from when people received them. oops. oh well.

    • Thanks for the reassurance, sarahmac! I guess we’re all bad brides in one way or another… 😉

  4. Oh, this is sooooo not bad. Annoying, yes. But like you said, it’s a good thing you didn’t seal ALL of the envelopes. That would be far worse.

    To make you feel a little bit better, at least you knew enough to weigh your invitations…. my sister didn’t, and ended up sending out her invitations “postage due.” LOL! 😉 Pretty sure having to pay the mail man as he delivers the invite means you don’t have to bring a gift to the bride and groom.

    • LOL – oh man, that stinks!!! Your poor sister… I would never be able to live that down. Seriously, someone would mention that in my eulogy 😉

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