Good News & Bad News…

August 24, 2010 at 9:11 am | Posted in Spam | 9 Comments
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Well, dear reader(s), I have some good news and I have some bad news.   

The bad news: soon I won’t be able to comprehend your meager existence and petty little lives – I’m about to become far too important for that.  

The good news: I just found out that I inherited “the sum of thirty million, one hundred thousand dollars ($30, 10000.00)”  

I'm filthy stinkin' rich!


That’s right!  The late Engr.Kruger Kroger made me a beneficiary in his “last test of will” and now I’m rollin’ in it!  Good thing Barrister Addison Joseph Esq. emailed me a third (and final) time, or I might have missed out on this amazing stroke of luck.  

And now, let us observe a moment of silence for my newly discovered best bud, Kruger Kroger…  

… And, the moment is over.  You may speak again.  But not to me.  I’m too important for that now.  



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  1. HAHAHAHA that is amazing….how will you celebrate?

    • I’ll probably buy a small country or a large island 😉

      • You know, to store my new collection of troll dolls. I can’t imagine a better use of my monies than troll dolls housed on a large island.

  2. Now you can afford a real wedding gown instead of one made of TP!!

    • Phew! I was going to have to ban all drinks from my nuptials so my dress wouldn’t be accidentally destroyed (and indecent) by a rogue cocktail.

  3. And don’t forget your dear old Dad, who loves you very much!

    • And who thinks I’m the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world, right…?

  4. Funny, I got the same letter from the same gentleman ten times and I hit delete each time. Oh no…you mean it’s real!!! If anyone else got it, please resend it to me so I can collect good money simply by giving him my bank account numbers. What a deal!!!!!

    • Wow – Kruger Kroger must be a long lost relative of ours. I’ll happily share the “$30, 10000.00” with you, Mo.

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