Another Wedding To Do?

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Dear reader(s), I hope you aren’t getting too tired of hearing about my bridal ineptitude. I promise this will all be over in about a month and a half. And thank goodness for that – I’m getting tired of being a lousy bride, and I’m ready to move on to being lousy at something else!

Any ideas?

Hoodles, yesterday afternoon I was kindly reminded (if you can call someone emailing “Earth to Sarah” kind… though admittedly, I do appreciate the Zoolander reference) of the tradition dictating that Andrew and I give each other gifts on our wedding day.

Isn’t getting hitched and getting those gorgeous (and sparkly) wedding bands gift enough? Apparently not.

It seems that amid all the wedding planning chaos, we are supposed to give each other something “special” and “meaningful” that we can pass down to our future offspring. Talk about pressure! 

I’ve heard all manner of gifts can be appropriate: fine jewelry, surfboards, personalized hankies, first edition autographed tomes, money clips, golf clubs, cuff links, love letters, property deeds, picture frames, etc.  But none of these ideas has really lit our fires, so I’m turning to you, dear reader(s)…

What do you recommend I give Andrew?

And what do you recommend he give to me?

Yours in cluelessness and too many to dos,



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  1. A signed, nude photo of Mike Mussina.

    • LOL! The Moose au naturale! Of course!

  2. I gave Dan and me matching hoodies from … mine said “Mrs. Dan” across the front and his said “Mr. Leah” We still wear them from time to time, but often separately, and I always get a kick out of that.

    And since I bought the present for us both he didn’t get me anything. Because he wouldn’t have anyway. I went into this marriage thing eyes wide open 😉

    • That is A-DOR-A-BLE! And since Andrew is totally paranoid about matchy-matchy stuff, it might be a particularly awesome gift 😀

      Eyes wide open is a GOOD thing!

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Give him your heart.
    The gift thing is a brilliant marketing concept dreamed up by the stores.
    The best gift to leave to your children is the example of the love between you, not the expensive item that you are being blackmailed into buying for fear your love does not look substantial enough!
    Be strong… know that your love is enough.
    And while we’re on the topic… forget gifts for your guests too.
    Our gift is the honor to share your most wonderful day.
    And anyone who doesn’t agree shouldn’t be invited in the first place!

    • Woohoo!!!! Bunny, you’ve got your head on straight, that’s for sure! Thank you!
      Happily he already has my heart – it will be “official” and “legal” (for those who care about such things) on 10/10/10! Talk about a priceless gift. I’m kind of a big deal, you know.
      And our guests being with us that day is certainly gift enough for us… but we won’t turn away household items, checks, shiny stuff, etc 😉

    • That’s the worst gift idea ever. Stuff is what’s important and valued.

      • Bring on the haul, Jordy! Fill your truck with gifts and we’ll add you to “the list” 😉

    • Bunny, I knew we were kindred spirits! Beautiful suggestion.

      • I kinda like Jordy’s response… 😉

  4. You’re a gifted writer. Write him a letter telling him why you love him and why you’re choosing to marry him. A bit mushy, but a true gift from the heart.

    • Eggscellent idea, Shmommy! I could get some nice stationary for it 🙂

  5. For clarification – I was not saying that the guests shouldn’t bring gifts… but that the Bride and Groom shouldn’t have to buy gifts for the guests!

    • LOL!
      PS Your monster gravatar cracks me up every time.

  6. I, too, find myself with this same dilemma and somehow four months to think of the perfect, timeless, legacy gift is just NOT enough! Oh, the pressure!

    One thing I’m really trying to do is figure out something that HE would really want. I know that sounds silly – who wouldn’t give the recipient something they would enjoy?! – but often I do find that when it comes to romantic gifts, I tend to give him something I would relish. A scrapbook. A framed photo. A poem. A card. All meaningful and he appreciates them, but not the way he feels loved by me getting him something he’s been pining after for awhile – a shiny new watch or some fancy hiking gear.

    So, that’s my only advice – think about Andrew and get him something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Not necessarily because it’s too expensive, but because it’s frivilous or silly. (Or, okay, because it’s too expensive!)

    And then tell me what you get him, so I can figure out ideas for us, too! Please. 🙂

    • Great advice, Debby. It should be about HIM, not what I would want if I was him. I’ll definitely share the gift brilliance when I figure it out 😉

  7. Mike and I didn’t get each other gifts. Because every day together is a gift. Or something.

    • Sounds romantic. Or something.

    • Unless you’re putting out every day, I beg to differ.

      • Well, I am pregnant for the second time in about as many years, so you be the judge.

        • Very nice! I like!

          • Back to the preggers thing…
            April, have you had any cravings yet? And/or thrown an emotional temper tantrum/demanded something ridiculous at a silly time of day or night???
            Pick up your game, girl!

            • I agree – Dennis and I didn’t do gifts. We mutually decided that we didn’t need to add another item to the ever growing to-to and to-buy lists. Give him your love and kisses and well… you get teh idea!

            • I assume you mean love and kisses and… credit card bills? Heheh. XO

  8. just wait … It doesn’t stop with the wedding gift. Next year you will be pressured fulfill your “paper” anniversary. While we did exchange “stuff” for our wedding – earings for me, a bike computer for him – we have now made the decision that the thing we lack the most is time together, so we decided that all of our anniversary gifts will be experiential gifts/date night gifts. For our first, he is taking me to a local theater company and I’m taking him skydiving when we are in Vegas. Hey, tickets are made of paper, right?

    Best of luck getting through this last bit of planning. You are an amazing bride no matter what convention or the tells you. I wish that I had had that forsight when it was my go round :).

    • Brilliant! Time together is the best gift of all – especially with your crazy schedules.
      And yes, tickets are DEFINITELY made of paper 😀

  9. Sarah, Shauna and I decided not to exchange gifts for our wedding for two reasons: 1) we had way too much to do between planning, dance practice, writing our vows, etc. and 2) we didn’t want to spend any more money at the time. We chose instead to save the wedding gifts for our first anniversary.

    However, now that I think about it, I can’t remember if we said our first wedding anniversary or our dating anniversary, so I should probably check on that…

    • Okay, so, I know you’re just trying to help… but now I feel like an even worse bride than ever (just kidding). Writing your own vows?? DANCE PRACTICE??? I’m such a lazy bride 😉

      The saving money part I get, though 🙂

  10. Honestly, we never even heard about this supposed tradition when we were getting married. And even if we had, we were so busy planning our weddings (all three of them) that we were completely lethargic about the idea of buying anything else. So maybe you guys should discuss whether you even want to do this. I say save up for something special on your first anniversary 🙂

    • I love all these “real life couples saying screw traditional materialism” stories! Thanks!!

      Though once again, you had THREE weddings to plan, not just one 😉 So you had a better excuse to give tradition the finger.

  11. Don’t listen to all these ‘no gift’ dummies. When you leave L-Ski to marry me, I want something on our wedding day, dammnit!

    P.S. A wave-runner is a fine choice

    • fyi, ‘dammnit’ = ‘damnit’. I was so angry, I held down the ‘m’ for far too long.

      • Dear future hubs,
        A girl can only dreamm* of a husband like you! Wave-runner it is. And I’d like a bezel-set diamond necklace (at least .5 carat) on the day of our nuptials.

        *FYI, I was so happy about the possibility of getting hitched to you I held down the “m” for far too long, too! We’re a mmatch mmade in heaven!

  12. Done and done!

    I just ordered this for you:

    I hope you like it. Actually, it would have been dumb of me NOT to buy it. Where else can you save $13,500? You, madam, are looking at one educated shopper.

    FYI, when we’re married, you’re not allowed to talk to me on Sundays during football season. But, you’re encouraged to bring me beer and snacks throughout the day. Also, I like my underwear freshly laundered every morning, so you’re going to have to wake up an hour and half before me every day. And, I’m terrified of blood sucking ghosts eating my brain while I sleep; so, to ward of the evil spirits, you’re going to have to go to sleep an hour and a half after me. And, finally, every 28ish days, I’m moving into a hotel until the ‘tide has ebbed’. Smooches!

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