Stressed Bride/Dead Chariot, Part Deux

September 21, 2010 at 9:12 am | Posted in Around Boston | 6 Comments
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Wondering how my automobile situation could get any more ridiculous? Try getting the weirdest rental ever.

The “courtesy car” my dealership so graciously let me motor around in while my brand new car is being serviced is a Nissan Cube, which is wacky enough looking without any help. But the one I’m driving also has a huge yellow sticker on each side that says: Call Me!*


I feel like I’m driving a “short bus” with a pick-up line on it!

Needless to say, I had an …ahem… amusing… ahem… commute this morning.


*That’s the dealership’s slogan, if you’re wondering…


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  1. OMG!!!! At least we can laugh about it?!?!? No, not funny yet. Argh!!! Where was this pick up car before you were dating Andrew? Perhaps you could run some sort of dating service – have people pay to ride with you and point to the post it?? Just trying to make some lemonaide with this lemon!!!

    • I like the drive-by dating service idea. Nothing hotter than a pretty lady cruising through the ‘burbs in a giant toy car with a “CALL ME” sign. Swing that sweet chariot low!

      • Swing low sweet chariot, comin’ for to get me a date…

    • It’s officially funny now 😉 As is your pun about making lemonade from my lemon of a car! Well played, Kris!
      And I love the idea of the dating service. As I commuted this morning people kept smiling at me and holding their thumb and pinky up to their ear/mouth in the universal sign for “call me.” I was the most popular gal on wheels!

  2. I literally almost peed myself. That car is even funnier than I imagined. And the mental picture of you driving to work making everyone’s morning a little sexier? Priceless.

    Also, thanks for getting that stupid “Call Me” song stuck in my head.

    • Call me (call me) when you need, need a car, truck, van or SUV… yeah… that’s been in my head for weeks.
      I should just embrace the sexy new cube vibe I’m forcibly rockin’ these days 😉

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