The Car Gods are Cruel

September 23, 2010 at 8:44 am | Posted in Around Boston | 6 Comments
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Also known as “Stressed Bride, Dead Chariot Part Tres” 

Is that a lemon I smell?


Well, dear reader(s), I’m afraid the car saga continues. Are you tired of hearing about this situation yet? Because I’m sure tired of living it, and I therefore promise this update will be brief (and bullet pointed – ooh la la).
Here’s the latest… 

  • Picked up my newly repaired car from the dealership and took it out for a joy ride (read: to run some necessary errands).
  • Parked it temporarily on the street while I went about my business.
  • Returned a few hours later to find that the darn thing died again! Again!! That’s the second time in less than one week that my brand new set of wheels conked out on me.
  • Called Andrew to rescue me.
  • Called the dealership to rhymes-with-witch about it (yes, I let my Bridezilla out) and demand they give me another courtesy vehicle that night (sadly, no “Call Me”-mobile this time).  And I was, as Andrew says, “in a hoof” while I waited two hours for the tow truck.
  • Called my parents, emailed my MOH and my bloggier half to vent my growing frustration.
  • Tow truck jump-started the car so I could drive it to the dealership (and avoid the towing fee).  Andrew followed behind the entire way in case the darn thing died again en route.
  • Arrived at the dealership. The dealership manager asked where the tow truck was.  I said that we were able to jump-start the car.  His response: “Oh, then everything is okay with your car now.”

Ummm, no.  My six-day old car had to be jump-started after it was supposedly fixed – nothing about this situation is “okay,” mister. 
And this is the part that’s really unbelievable: last night when Andrew was coming home from class, his car’s check engine light started flashing…  





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  1. At what point do they switch out for another car? This is a nightmare. Sorry Sarah!!

    • The car isn’t considered a lemon until this happens three times and they cannot fix it. Then I have to send it to the corporate office so they can try to fix it, and if THEY can’t fix it within one week, I can either get a refund or demand a replacement car. But with our wedding only 2.5 weeks away I don’t have time for any arbitration, lack of wheels, etc.
      PS Your pink monster gravatar makes me smile 🙂

  2. If Andrew’s check engine light is flashing, he needs to get it immediately to a repair shop. You’re not supposed to drive a car that has a flashing check engine light. So says Mike, car whisperer and mechanic extraordinaire.

    • We’re taking it to the mechanic (though I have my doubts about his extraordinariness compared to your car whisperer) tonight… Let us pray that it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg! We can’t spare any parts before October 10!

      • Yet another reason why we shouldn’t be separated. Mike would gladly attend to Andrew’s car.

        • This blasted distance has foiled our plans again. It should be illegal for us to be this far apart (especially for this long!).

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