Less Than Two Weeks to Wedded Bliss!

September 29, 2010 at 9:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments
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Well, dear reader(s), it is less than two weeks until I make an honest man out of Andrew (but don’t tell TheKnot.com). Do you hear that? Single ladies cryin’ the world over. Sorry, gals – he’ll soon be off the market for good.

Adam Zyglis of The Buffalo News' depiction of brides

Help me, doc!

The big stuff is all taken care of – it is the little stuff they don’t warn you about. As such, my superwoman of a mom (you may recognize her by her blog name, Sarah’s Mo) and I have declared this Saturday: “Get ‘er Done Day.”

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., we will be workin’ like maniacs to assemble our programs, create our favors, and add all those special touches that make a wedding so much work… errr, I mean that make a wedding so special and beautiful.

Andrew lucked out can’t join us because he has a seminar all day, but he will be there in spirit. Rhymes-with-Father-of-the-Bride is bringing his crafting A-game. And Mo and I will be sufficiently caffeinated. But there’s so much to do! So, if anyone is feeling particularly helpful and/or bored on Saturday, or if you just have a hankerin’ to create programs, favors, etc., West Hartford, Conn. is where it’s at!

Desperately seeking free time,



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  1. I can help…I think I’m free. Heck, can start today…I have a glue gun. No, I don’t, but….

    • LOL – fab! The crafting party would be delighted to have your help, with glue gun or without 😉

  2. Oh lord. How is it that every bride ends up here (I sure did)? It will all get done, though it doesn’t seem like it now. And you are absolutely right – luxiurous free time awaits on the other side of this. You are so close.

    • I can almost taste the sleep I’ll be getting post-10/10/10! Mmmmm… unconsciousness…

  3. I notice you made no mention of bedazzling. Should I send my supplies? I have some very classy bling.

  4. Don’t worry. You will be married not one minute later even if all the little things are not done (but they will be!)

    • True story*, RWFOTB.
      This will all be over soon, and this will all be over too soon, if you get my meaning 😉


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