Let’s Go… Yankees?

October 6, 2010 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Around Boston | 5 Comments
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This is a painful blog post. In fact, this is a truly painful night for yours truly. For those of you unfamiliar with the ALDS (that’s baseball, kids), my beloved Red Sox are donezo for the season, and Andrew’s Yankees are currently playing the Twins.

Normally I’d be rooting for the Twins; not merely to avoid giving Andrew the satisfaction of hearing me support his little pin-striped squad, but also because I like the Twins and have fond memories of watching them play often during a summer spent in the Twin Cities.
But tonight is no normal night. With our wedding just four days away, I’m faced with a serious problem: there’s a chance that there will be a Yankees game on our wedding night, and I don’t really want to know what Andrew would do if given the dilemma of me v. Yankees.
So what’s a girl to do? Root for a sweep! I would love to see the Twins shut the Yankees down, but I know that such a situation would make for an extremely irritable groom-to-be, and with all the other stuff on our plates right now, we both need to be on our best behavior.
So here I am with a very traumatic confession: I’m rooting for the Yankees to sweep the ALDS. 
And it hurts.
PS As I write this it is the top of the fourth, 3-0 Twins, and Andrew is verging on groomzilla already…


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  1. oh, the pain, but for you Sarah i’ll say it…

    ::::whispers:::: go Yankees!

  2. Thanks, dear. I guess this is why they say love hurts? Oy.

  3. Also, Sarah, on your wedding day the Giants play the Texans. AND, it’s going to be televised locally. To the church, I might wear my Mario Williams jersey, have a radio and ear piece, and pass L-Ski signals about what’s going on during the game (note: his crying won’t be the joy he’s feeling marrying you, it’ll be due to the thrashing the Texans hand his beloved Giants).

    Ok, just kidding (sort of). The game’s at 1pm. L-Ski and I might ‘go missing’ for about three hours post-wedding.

  4. LOL – I just can’t win! Thanks for the head’s up! Wonder if we can get a TV at the reception… (Go Texans!)

    • Sarah, no worries. Everything’s going to go perfectly. You win! You’re marrying a good guy (despite his teams of choice). Plus, I’ll be there to sort out the riff raff (ie Matt DePaolis). I can’t wait for Sunday!

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