American Airlines: Nightmare in the Air

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I’m writing to you, our dear reader(s), from Gate B22 at Boston Logan Airport en route to my bro’s wedding.  Normally I would be in the vacation spirit already, but today I need to vent before I can clear my mind and start to enjoy myself.  For those of you that don’t know, my brother is getting married in Costa Rica, so when Andrew and I booked our flights last September, we did it directly through the American Airlines website to ensure our reservation would be hassle-free.  We’d fly Boston to New York to Costa Rica – easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Big mistake.

This image from Media Bistro says it all...

We checked in nice and early in this morning at Logan for our international flight (or so we thought).  But when we got to the ticketing counter, the cranky, dare I say Rhymes-With-Witchy service representative (I am pretty sure her name is Tina but I can’t see clearly through the haze of noxious attitude she was spewing into the atmosphere) informed us that we’d be flying from Boston to Laguardia, then we’d have to collect our checked bags, hop in a cab and pay to get ourselves to JFK airport, re-check-in there and fly to Costa Rica. 


American Airlines books us to one NY airport and then expects us to get ourselves to the other NY airport (on our own additional dime) for our connecting flight?  Not okay.  I asked Witchy Tina if she could just put us on a flight to JFK from Logan.  She declined.  After we got through security, I called AA’s customer service line, and they informed me that they could, in fact, put us on a flight to JFK, but we would have to get our checked luggage back, and we’d have to return to the ticketing counter to do so.  I left Andrew at the gate with our carry-ons so I could claim and recheck our luggage. 

Yup, you guessed it: Tina struck again.  She informed me that she could not get any checked baggage back.  Despite my assurances that the supervisor at AA’s customer service said she could, she flat out refused to find our luggage.  If I had any further questions, she said, I should see the agents at the first class ticketing counter.  So off I went to the AA Premier desk and informed them of the situation.  The lovely lady at the first class desk called Tina for the status, informed her that she could have gotten our luggage back, apologized for Tina’s redonkulousness, and began the process of getting our luggage. 

Huzzah!  Or so we thought…

In the time it took for fabulous Tina to cause trouble, the last of the seats on the flight to JFK were taken.  It was too late.  All they could do for us was give us our boarding passes for JFK to save us one step (but we still have to check our luggage). 

So here we sit, waiting for a flight to Laguardia where, upon arrival, we’ll need to claim our luggage, grab a cab, get ourselves to JFK in a serious hurry, pray to every deity we can think of, re-check in and then get on the flight to Costa Rica. 

Please join us in a moment of silence to hope for the best…

Thank you,



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  1. This is what happens when you mess with Texas AND Tom Cruise. Forget the deities. You need the kind of assistance that only Chuck Norris can provide.

  2. Oh girl – hang in there. My prayers to the travel gods are with you.

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  4. Thanks, guys! We are in the cab now, begging for a little deus ex machina action (from Chuck Norris, if you please). Gonna get in the vacay spirit and deal with the evil airline post nuptials 🙂

  5. Oh that sucks. I had to do that once in London (Heathrow to Gatwick), but at least it was on their shuttle (and dime). Good luck and I hope this all melts away once you are sitting in your 2nd and final plane seat heading to CR – it is an amazingly beautiful country :).

  6. YIKES AND EGADS! Lawyers are standing by to start legal proceedings against AA for bad manners at least and utter stupidity at best. You ought to send a report to AA management – CEO preferably – listing the several tales of woe and suggesting some remuneration is in order and the Tina person remanded to cleaning aircraft since she ain’t no good at ticketing.

    • Thanks, Uncle Bob! And watch out, Tina…

  7. Website is not a required field.

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