Getting My Geek On!

June 15, 2011 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Around Boston, Office Humor | 12 Comments
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I have been called many things over the years, but never a geek.  And until this point in my life, I’ve been okay with that.  In fact (dare I say it?), I’ve even been happy about that.  But here I am, at 30 years old, trying desperately to become geekier.  Why, you ask?  My (now-not-so-new) gig, of course.

I'm gonna need one of these...

In my role as communications ninja, I need to be able to understand the people here.  People who will not be impressed with my obsession with klassy reality TV, or my war stories from wedding planning, or even my silly habit of blaming snarky comments on Tom Cruise.

Basically, I’m way out of my league.  Take, for example, a discussion of “captains.”  These folks can debate which “captain” is best with gusto.  I personally don’t know how you can compare cereal (“Crunch”) with Johnny Depp (“Sparrow”), because they’re both so yummy in very different ways!

But, of course, they mean Kirk v. Picard… Sigh.

So I’m turning to you, dear reader(s), to help me get my geek on!  I’ve been told I should watch Battlestar Galactica and both Star Treks, and even some Doctor Who (anyone have some DVDs I can borrow?).  But what else should I learn?  And is it possible to turn this average dork into a full-fledged geek?



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  1. Fear not! As an amateur geek, I might have some resources for you. Please to be visiting:

    Google or Wikipedia any references you don’t get right away. That should get you started. 🙂 Good luck! (P.S. Do you get to go to PAX East?? That would be awesome. I went in 2010 and had the best time.)

  2. Oh oh oh and this one:

    • Thank you thank you thank you, Mel! I’ll fit in in no time 🙂 (And yes, I’m looking forward to embracing geekdom!!)

      • PS I really like Ken’s blog! Duh – the Jeopardy guy!!

  3. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but here goes: I had a huge crush on Wil Wheaton from watching Star Trek with my dad. That was actually painful to type. And I have an opinion on the captain debate and actually knew you meant Kirk v. Picard. Also, you should watch Firefly on Syfy. It’s kind of like the new Doctor Who, and I hear the main character is pretty hunky. ohgodimsuchanerd!

    • Wow – I had no idea you were hiding your nerd-dom from me, Arps! Did I ever know you? And who is Wil Wheaton? Is the the guy that used to wear a headband over his eyes? The one LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow fame) played? I’m so far behind 😦

      Firefly has been added to the list – thanks!

      • Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher, the character who was closest in age to us when Star Trek TNG was on the air. His blog is the first one I referred you to, because he’s now a huge rock star in the geek world (not to be confused with actual geek rock stars, such as Paul & Storm and Jonathan Coulton…Google them too if you don’t know them yet).

        LeVar Burton’s character was Geordi LaForge…he was supposed to be blind, and the visor he wore let him see things (he didn’t have normal vision, but in addition to being able to function as a sighted person, he could see spectrums that regular eyes couldn’t see). Yeah…you should definitely go back and watch some TNG. 🙂

        Nothing wrong with crushing on Wil Wheaton–I do, right now, but it’s more for his writing than his acting (which is a good thing, I think). 🙂

        • Ah yes, I noticed that name was the same, but silly me – I thought it was a character name, not a person’s actual name. A person who was also in “Stand By Me,” so shame shame, I should have known that.
          But come on, LeVar Burton’s visor totally looked like a headband!
          As for not knowing this stuff, I blame my parents. It’s all their fault!
          Off to Google Paul & Storm 😀

  4. Definitely watch Doctor Who! (The new one, not the old one.) It’s all on Netflix online. And for an added bonus, David Tennant is pretty…but you have to stick around until season 2 🙂

    • Oooh, a Netflix streaming option! I dig it, S#1! Thank you 🙂

  5. Just buy a half dozen pocket protectors and everyday put them in every pocket of everything you wear. Don’t forget to fill them with lots of pens and pencils.

    • Hahaha! Oh Mo, you are so silly. With a mom like you, no wonder I’m not prepared for this task 😉

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