Hurricane Irene Blows

August 30, 2011 at 11:43 am | Posted in Around Boston, Home Ownership | 15 Comments
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If I hear one more person talk about how they weren’t at all impacted by Hurricane Irene, I may lose my… errr… cool.  Because, as you can guess with the way my life has been heading lately (my house is only considered inhabitable to drunk twenty-something boys, my husband’s armpits burn, and our kitchen and bathroom are, well, practically nonexistent), we are still feeling the love from that rhymes-with-witch, Irene.

But given the choice between dissolving into a puddle of tears or utilizing every magnifying glass in my purview to find the elusive silver lining, I’m doing my best to look for that Ag.

Always look on the bright side... and that's an order!

Take, for example, the fact that we still don’t have power at Chez L-ski.  Can you imagine more flattering light than that generated by candles?  Seriously, those sticks of wax hide every flaw!  I’m practically a supermodel when there’s no one else around and my house is almost dark but for the light of the Yankee Candle (which I managed to unearth even though I can’t unpack anything substantial yet).  Win!

Or consider that the basement flooded (again) and without electricity, we can’t wet-vac the water out.  Arps found the best of that situation, encouraging me to reflect on how romantic my situation is.  Don’t believe her?  Just think about Venice… if I could locate a gondola, I could mimic the canals and create my very own romantic – and private! – honeymoon spot in my home!

You might say: yeah, but what about the dead deer on your front lawn?  Well, dear reader(s), that one is harder… but after much consideration, I’ve found the plus with that, too!  You see, this morning we were “alerted” to the fact that there was a deceased Bambi sprawled across our front lawn (looks like someone hit it with a car last night – you know, without street lights it’s tough to see in the wilds of Boston’s Metro West), by a distressed jogger who was startled by the sight.  The plus: with no electricity, the jogger’s scream worked even better than my silly old alarm clock.  Let’s just say I wasn’t late for work this a.m.!

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to my staying-classy colleagues!  Megan, who brought me a kickass sage stick straight from New Orleans to help cleanse my house juju!  And to my browntastic gal, Dipika, who has treated me to many a meal during which I could eat (and sometimes drink) my feelings!  My disastrous living situation has shown me how lucky I am, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

But I think I’ve learned the lesson well enough, and it’s time to move on…

Please.  Now.  Seriously.

~ Sarah


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  1. Dead deer? i think that’s a good sign! As per Wikipedia: Animal sacrifice is the ritual killing of an animal as part of a religion. It is practised by many religions as a means of appeasing a god or gods or changing the course of nature. (as long as it’s not a cow!)

    I predict your house karma will change after this. In the meantime, I have a kayak you can borrow to re-create Venice. Throw in some wine and candlelight, and you’ll be transported to a whole new continent! 😉

    • Oooh, Dips, I’m diggin’ the positive spin! Someone has made a ritual sacrifice to ensure my luck turns around – brilliant spin!!
      (Are you sure you’re not in PR?)

  2. I will help you break out of the glass case of emotion that you are stuck in by sending you endless Will Ferrell clips until you no longer care about anything other than news team fights, streaking through the quad and shake n back 🙂

    • woops…shake n bake 🙂

    • Megan, with you around for inspiration I don’t even need “more cowbell.”

    • Streaking through the quad–reminds me of certain not-staying-classy colleagues.

      • Can I sweat on your table? 😉

  3. Wow, sounds like you’re having great fun. I have an aunt named Irene. She can be a bit of a tornado too and has been described by some people as a rhymes-with-witch.
    If you get carried away by the romantic atmosphere (the candles, not the dead deer) you know what name to choose in 9 months’ time. 🙂 No problems there.

    • So funny you should say that, Michele – some newscasters were joking here about how if there’s a baby boom in 9 months, we’ll know why! Personally, I know that going days without a shower has never made me feel sexier… 😉 ICK!

  4. Wait! You say that a deer was hit by a jogger in front of your house? Does he have a hunting license? Is hunting permitted on your street? Sounds like this jogger has a lot to answer for. And the least he could do would be to remove the carcass!

    • That jogger was built like a tank! Andrew says the screaming fit means extra cardio, so it’s a win-win.

  5. Right, I get you, not showering for a day is awful. I could suggest having a good wash in the floods, that might even wake dead deer. 😉
    I feel for you, we were 4 weeks without a kitchen and that was bad enough. If you want to come and stay with us, just let me know. You get on that plane and in the meantime I’ll go and find a bed in IKEA. Zoe likes having people around (and you have lovely long hair she can pull)

    • A day? Try not showering from Saturday-Tuesday! Talk about feeling sexy 😉 It’s a wonder people could keep their hands off me long enough to plug their noses 🙂
      Mich, time for a visit to IKEA – I’ll be there in 8 hours with plenty of hair for Zoe to pull (and it’ll even be clean!) XO

  6. Arls is right, but Oh NO!!! Bambi lived a good life. He did. He went to a better place with Simba’s Dad, Ole Yeller, Marley,Nemo’s mum and, well, Disney Bambi’s mummy, too!!! As for lights??…. enjoy the mystery, your mobile phone apps and Dominos!!! Take care!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Shmargaret! 🙂 Can do re: droid apps and pizza… but v. sad re: Bambi my good luck dear. Sigh.

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