Photo Phriday: Religious Intervention

September 1, 2011 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Home Ownership, Photo Phriday | 2 Comments
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As you may have gathered, life hasn’t been easy at Chez L-ski (e.g. dead deer, power loss and flooding basement, tree falling on our house, among other nonsense).  While the hubs has taken it all in stride, I’m having a tougher time going with the flow. But thanks to my diverse group of friends, I think it’s all going to turn around for us.

Upon hearing of our trials, those near and dear to us supplied religious items, talismans and good wishes, and since luck knows no religious preference, we’re embracing them all! So last night I performed every cleansing ritual I could:

  • I said a prayer when I entered the house by my mezuzah
  • Used sage from New Orleans
  • Made a sweet gift to Ganesh on his birthday
  • Took a deep, cleansing breath with the statue from Buddha’s hometown
  • Performed a cleansing ritual with a candle and jar of salt water
  • And even took the difficult step of indulging in the global deity, Dos Equis


I feel more blessed already!

So here’s to friends from all walks of life, to religious tolerance, and to a little luck!  Happy Labor Day weekend, dear reader(s).



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  1. That which does not kills us … makes us booze a little harder :). Hope you are reclaiming your space from the wilderness.

    • HAHAHA – true story, Brooke 🙂

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