Photo Phriday: What the Frog? Or Mouse… or rat… or human…

October 21, 2011 at 9:46 am | Posted in Photo Phriday | 3 Comments
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Today’s Photo Phriday gem is brought to you by my colleague at Dark Water Fowl, “Amoanda” (nickname courtesy of a misspelled birthday “cake wreck,” not a reference to any sort of sounds she may or may not make).

Amoanda was on the interwebs this morning and noticed an “interesting” ad from the Goggle.


I don’t want to know why the average person would need human, mouse and rat DNA – whether it’s methylated or not.  Before long we may even see DNA infomercials and ASOTV pitches!  I can see it now… “But wait, there’s more!  Buy rat DNA today, and get a special offer on monkey DNA!”

Happy weekend, dear reader(s)!



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  1. Zounds Delishthious!!!Mmmm…

  2. How did they know – I was looking for methylated rat clones for christmas gifts. Now I’m all done and it isn’t even thanksgiving yet.

    • Yeehaw! Take that, Santa 🙂

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