Photo Phriday: The Drinking Age in Rhode Island

September 7, 2012 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Married Life, Photo Phriday | 3 Comments
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Last weekend the hubs and I took a mini-break in the Ocean State.  We relaxed, went to a minor league baseball game, saw Providence’s famous Water Fire and learned that in Rhode Island, 21 is only the suggested drinking age.  Witness:

The “drinking age” in Rhode Island is “21”…

So basically, if you’re under “21” you “can’t” drink so don’t even try it (unless you have a fake “I.D.”).


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  1. Dear Factinis,
    You are missing the point. “21” must be enclosed in quotation marks because it was a direct quote from “Frank J. Faubert.” I’m so glad the “drinking age” in “Rhode Island” is “21.” It will make me feel so much “safer” should I ever drive through “Rhode Island,” wherever that is.

    • Good call, RWFOTB! How silly of me not to understand that this was a direct quote and not an indication of how seriously the Ocean State takes the legal drinking age. Duh.

  2. well for sure I got this wrong however I try to make a point most of Rhode Island cares about underage drinking with so many students in our state from other countries this was an easy way of letting them know that to drink an adult beverage one has to be “21” or above . said with love

    Frank J. Faubert

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