Mothering my Husband?

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Around quarter past five last night my more-scholarly-half called to check in…

“Hey Sarah, how was your day?”

Hi Andrew! Not over yet – I’m at work, and I still don’t feel well. Are you on your way to class?”

“Yup! Sorry you haven’t kicked the flu yet.”

“Thanks!” Pause. “Ummm…” Pause. “Everything okay, Andrew?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. But… I need a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”

“I left my homework at home today and I really need it for class tonight – it’s two week’s worth of work and I have to turn it in, so…” Pause. Long, awkward, ‘pregnant pause’ (if you’ll pardon the expression).

“Okay, I’ll bite: what’s the favor?” (As if I didn’t know).

“Can you pick up my school bag and bring it to me?”

So I hung up the phone, raced to the subway so I could catch the commuter rail, drove home from the station, got his backpack (with said tardy homework), floored it to BU’s North Campus and dropped it off. Why? Because that’s what good wives do.

And then it occurred to me: that’s not what wives do, that’s what moms do! I think I just mothered my husband!!

But, as my dear friend and colleague, Rhymes-With-Cannon said (as she sprinted with me to the subway), Valentine’s Day is in less than a week, and that kid owes me! Mwahahaha!


Help! I’m Wearing Jeggings!

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That’s right, it’s casual Friday and this “comfort-over-style” gal is in jeggings.  Why?  Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but sometimes we sacrifice more than we intend to for our jobs, and today was one of those days. 

Even Conan pulls off jeggings better than I do! (photo from NY Daily News)

My colleague, Rhymes-With-Cannon, found herself invited to an impromptu client meeting, but felt she was dressed less than appropriately in skinny jeans and UGGs, so she and I took a trip to the ladies room and swapped pants.  I’m sucking-in and looking silly, and she’s rockin’ my almost-mom jeans (and probably feeling silly).

Emerging from the bathroom, we were met with a round of guffaws from our colleagues at MoCo Village, a chorus of “are you two wearing each other’s clothes AGAIN?” and the knowledge that loafers and snowflake socks were never meant to be paired with these trendy bottoms. 

Happy Friday, folks!

“County Law!”

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We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled Photo Phriday because, honestly, I have no good photos to share with you this morning. However, I do have a hilarious video that comes courtesy of Rhymes-With-Cannon. If you enjoy the occasional COPS episode like yours truly, you’re going to get a kick out of this. And even if you don’t like reality crime shows, I think you’ll still get a laugh.

Thanks for the laugh, Rhymes-With-Cannon! And remember, reader(s), if you come across a photo or video you know we’d enjoy, pass it along.

Have a great weekend!

Still Dieting

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It is week three of our modified eating plan. But it feels like week 647. Tensions are running high. Yesterday I threw part of my granola bar at Sarah after what I interpreted to be a rather snide remark. Innocent bystander Rhymes-With-Cannon assures me it was innocuous. The bit of granola that I threw landed in Sarah’s ear. True story.* Then I tumbled into a black hole of despair when I realized that was my last granola bar. And Sarah gloated after retrieving said bit of granola. If I were like Drew Barrymore in “Firestarter,” Sarah would have spontaneously combusted.

Between hunger pains, carb and chocolate cravings and fiber grouchiness, we are slowly growing hostile. Oh, and someone — Schmargaret, I’m looking at you — thought my desk was the best location for a three-gallon bowl of mini candy bars. I can smell the sugar whenever someone rifles through the selection of delectable treats horrid love-handle makers.

On the plus side, we’re becoming more productive as our colleagues are growing frightened of us. And Sarah “backed herself into a new pair of pants,” according to RWC. Huzzah!


We Heart Free Cheese

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So I was alerted to a cheese giveaway via twitter the other day. For all of you who say twitter is useless, you didn’t get free cheese. I did. The giveaway was being sponsored by Cabot Cheese and the Vermont tourism association. Sarah was all for trekking over to South Station, so we grabbed Rhymes-With-Cannon and started walking.

We didn’t exactly know how to get over there on foot. I said we should go through Downtown Crossing, but Sarah is kind of afraid of that area (she is anti-street meat) and we both were pretty sure there was a quicker way, so Sarah looked up directions on the goggle.

Now I’m not placing blame on anyone (Tom Cruise, I’m looking at you…), but we got lost. Not horribly, but we couldn’t quite figure out where we were in relation to where we wanted to go. So we walked in the general direction of where we might be if we were South Station. And lo and behold, eventually we arrived at our destination. And inside said destination we found…. cheese.

Have I mentioned I love cheese? Because I do. A lot. I even have a cheese-making kit that I plan to try out very soon. There’s a fancy dinner riding on it.

Hoodles, the cheese was delish, although they would let us each try only one sample, which we all agreed was pretty much bull honky, especially since I spent about ten minutes trying to help one of the reps figure out how to use the camera on her blackberry. And then the other cheese rep made me talk to a bum, his “best customer.” Well of course he’s your best customer — he’ll eat anything! And the bum had summer teeth (summer here, summer there).
So we headed back to the office with our free cow-print pencils and recipe cards, nibbling on our samples. And we got lost again. In Chinatown. And we definitely walked past a semi emitting a cloud of pot smoke. And I wanted to tell the next cop I saw, but I don’t like talking to uniformed police officers because I’m always afraid I’ll go for their guns. So I didn’t.

And finally we miraculously made it back to work. We had been back not ten minutes and I was just sitting down at my desk with my lunch when this happened. And then there was our commute. Just another day in the life, livin’ the dream.

Just Another Day Outside the Office…

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I love teambuilding! Give me trust games, outings, free lunches, embarrassing share-your-feelings activities, and I’m a happy girl! While most companies (ours included) schedule these motivational appointments several times throughout the year, it is often the impromptu ones that have the biggest impact. Yesterday, for example, we risked life and limb together, unscheduled and ill-prepared, and we admire each other all the more as a result.

Sometime between noon and our usual afternoon food coma time, we MoCo Villagers (including blog favorites Shmargaret and Rhymes With Cannon) were startled by a piercing clamor: the fire alarm. As well-trained worker bees, we grabbed our jackets and booked it outside. We did not pause to bring purses, mittens, socks or billable work, we simply high-tailed it out of the building… except for April, who was in the middle of lunch and brought her Tupperware of Sheppard’s Pie along for the adventure… but I digress. As you can guess, dear reader(s), that meant we left our Blackberries, cell phones and all other modes of communication in the building.

Just as we realized our lack of important accessories, the fire trucks pulled up. They arrived quickly and professionally, despite the lack of smoke, scent or heat from any flames. April and I understood the importance of documenting this adventure and being able to contact colleagues and family in an emergency, but with firemen on the scene we were trapped outside. What’s a girl to do?

Act brazenly, of course! We assessed the situation and determined that there was no immediate danger from quickly running back inside the first floor entrance and grabbing a Blackberry (other than hearing loss thanks to the blaring alarm), so amidst the commotion occurring on the floors above ours, I gallantly sprinted back inside, grabbed my BB and bolted back outside quick as a wink! My colleagues may have laughed at this “ridiculous” (matter of opinion, I say) act, but I’m proud to say that, as a result of my bravery, we are able to share this photographic evidence of our afternoon adventure with you…
And yes, I am expecting a medal of honor any day now!


Gargoyles Heart Winter Fun Time

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Please recall, dear reader(s), the delightful welcome décor we bestowed on Rhymes-With-Cannon upon her return to our fair city… Remember that super scary desk-sized gargoyle we bought to keep her company? Well, RWC has decided to name the little guy “Sam the Gargoyle.”

This week happens to be Secret Snowflake week in MoCo Village. Yesterday as part of her gift, RWC’s flake gave her a mini sled, which Sam the Gargoyle proceeded to jump on immediately and ride over our mountains of paperwork, hills of holiday goodies and all the recyclables a little ‘goyle could dream of.

He looked so festive that we thought he might bring you some much-needed holiday cheer. So here he is in all his winter fun-time glory…

Happy Holidays,

Gargoyle Says Welcome!

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You may recall that our dear friend and colleague Rhymes-With-Cannon (RWC) could not resist the lure of your faithful bloggers and returned to Boston after a brief hiatus in Texas. To welcome her back, we decided to secretly “decorate” RWC’s desk. Each week since she made her triumphant return, April and I have placed something silly on her desk and waited for her to notice. Last week, RWC finally detected our shenanigans!

Was this what tipped her off?

Nope, it didn’t faze her. And yes, that is a desk-sized scary gargoyle – thank you, Family Dollar!

It was these:
The crazy pencils gave us away! Pencils!

To reward her for her “super” sleuthing, RWC is now the proud owner of…

So glad you’re back, Rhymes-With-Cannon!


This Is Why No One Gives Us Perks

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The other day our HR person informed us of a change in company dress code. From this day forth, Casual Friday is in effect. That’s right. We can wear jeans to work one day a week. Huzzah!!!

Instead of acting like gracious, professional workerbees, Sarah and I immediately fired off a round of emails inquiring about Daisy Dukes, clown pants and sequined bra tops. In my defense, the sequins make it dressy.

Side note: we were in the bank waiting for Rhymes-With-Cannon when this occurred. We laughed so hard customers stared and we almost were forcibly ejected. Our saving grace was that we are both debit-card-carrying customers. True Story*.

Hoodles, our HR person is used to our antics and good-naturedly responded we could wear whatever we pleased as long as it is under our muumuus, which she is certain are also very dressy.

In case you’re wondering, this is where we get our inspiration for Casual Friday outfits.

The Yellow Rose of Texas Loves That Dirty Water

October 29, 2009 at 8:05 am | Posted in Around Boston, Office Humor | 2 Comments
Earlier this week my dear co-blogger and I celebrated a happy ocassion: one of our friends, let’s call her Rhymes-With-Cannon (RWC), returned to Boston! We wouldn’t say it is because she missed us tremendously and found life just wasn’t the same without us, or that no amount of Texas bbq or time with her actual family could patch the hole in her heart that could only be filled by us… We will simply say that there are opportunities here that she couldn’t pass up. Like an awesome job with the best colleagues in the world. And a boyfriend with the coolest last name ever. And her alma mater and… Not the point – focus, dear reader(s).

Needless to say, we are thrilled she is back! RWC brings just the right shenanigans to every encounter, is a wiz at finding appropriately bizarre photos on the interwebs, has the most delightful catch-phrases (think the awesomest TV sidekicks ever, all rolled up into one lovable and hilarious character), and understands and appreciates our love of food and celebrity gossip.

So welcome back, RWC! Beantown wasn’t the same without you – and may never be the same again!


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