The Silver Screen – Literally!

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Before I started my new gig, my gal pal Rhymes-With-Tinny (aka Tirginia) and I went on a Monday Movie Matinee Date (as ladies of leisure – however temporarily, in our case – are wont to do).  We heard about a promotion at our local cinema where movies are just $2, and include popcorn, cookies, soda and coffee.  What a deal!  In fact, it was such a steal that we didn’t even check to see what movie was showing! It didn’t matter: for $2, I’ll try *almost* anything.

We arrived at the theater, bought our tickets and found two seats at the optimal screen-to-face ratio.  We settled in, but when we looked around at our fellow movie-goers, we realized that we were the only folks under 80 in attendance!  No matter: we figured we could sink down low into our seats and avoid attracting attention.   

Nope!  Before the feature presentation began, the usher (also a member of the “sassy seniors club,” as Tinny and I refer to them), welcomed everyone to the “Silver Screen Show,” and then added that he noticed a few new members.  Then he pointed.  At us.  And made us wave. 

So much for blending. 

We had no idea this was a senior citizens event!  No one had said boo about the $4 we paid to get in, no one warned us that we might be a little too young for the event, or even informed us that we would might remind the ENTIRE audience of their grandchildren. 

But we had no choice.  We were there (with our snacks).  We had paid $4, and goshdarnit we were going to enjoy the film!  Whatever it was.  So we smiled and waved and pretended we knew what we were getting into all along.

We tried to mingle with the sprightly seniors around us (some of whom were more chipper than Tinny and I) as we settled in for the show, started munching on our snacks and enjoyed our afternoon movie date: “At War with the Army,” starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. 

All I can say is, “The Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans!”  And if you don’t know what that means, watch this:

Photo Phriday: Cookie Mustache

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Have you ever wondered what I’d look like if I had a mustache made from a Chips Ahoy cookie? I have. And apparently I kinda rock it.


Admit it: I look pretty hot with a cookie-stache!

And yes, that is my partner in junk food Rhymes-With-Tinny!

Happy Phriday,


Is That Why They Call It “Silent… but Deadly?”

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Sometimes I don’t believe it until I Google it… And sometimes I’m still tempted not to believe it even after “the goggle” tells me it’s true! For example, this weekend Rhymes-with-Tinny revealed that she and Rhymes-with-Hat-Trick were very tempted to give us something other than the oh-so-appropriate wedding gift they purchased. When I inquired about what the alternative was, she could barely keep a straight face when she replied: The Better Marriage Blanket.

You owe it to your marriage...

What, you may ask, is The Better Marriage Blanket? Well, I didn’t know either, until she explained it to me using the company’s tagline: The blanket “eliminates the odor of flatulence in bed!”

Apparently some people’s mates have such tremendously malodorous gaseous emissions that this company stuffed a blanket with “activated carbon fabric – the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons” to help absorb “flatulence molecules” (yes, that’s the technical term they’re using).

I couldn’t make this up! And neither did Rhymes-with-Tinny! Here’s the official marketing video!
(The embed code has been disabled, but if you click on the link you’ll get to see the “stunning” video for yourself – and trust me, it is worth it!)

And you know what? I almost wish they had opted for this little gem… just so I could say I own The Better Marriage Blanket!


Wedding Q&A

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Thank you all for your support and advice over the past few months. You, dear reader(s), helped calm my nerves and gave me the practical advice that helped make our wedding day such a memorable, fun, stress-free one! Today I will use this platform to answer your questions about 10/10/10 – and if I missed any, feel free to ask.


Are you planning to take Andrew’s name or will you keep the Wilderrol surname?

I have decided to legally change my name, so I will become Mrs. L-ski (whenever I get around to making the switch), but I won’t be offended if you wish to continue using my “maiden” name.

I heard a rumor that you wore tacky red sneakers to your own wedding. Is that true?

No. I wore these sophisticated beauties during the ceremony:

Stylin' Weddin' Shoes

And these adorable red tennies during the reception:

Comfy and coordinated!

They match the color scheme – ergo the sneaks weren’t tacky. 

Did Andrew follow-through on his threat to put cake on your face?

Open wide... airplane is coming in for a landing!

Nope, happily he respected my wishes… and/or did a quick little calculation about the amount of alone time we would have that night (since the Yankees swept, we had NO distractions – except for the hour it took to take my hair down) and figured it would be best if I wasn’t feeling harpy-tastic and ready exact revenge for the rest of our days. He politely fed me a dollop of icing…after he made it swoop around like an “airplane” (say aaah) toward my mouth. 

What did you two end up giving each other as wedding day gifts?

We managed to find each other superb gifts to exchange on our big day, if we do say so ourselves! Since we aren’t taking our honeymoon until next spring, Andrew gifted me a “mini-moon” so we could enjoy a weekend away together this fall. I gave him cuff links made from baseballs used in a Yankees game so he could walk down the aisle with a little pinstripe-pizzazz in his step – and they even matched our decor!

Did nature cooperate?

Yes! In fact, not only did Momma N. cooperate by providing gorgeous weather and stunning foliage, but apparently she also endorsed our union and sent a cute little chipmunk messenger to witness our ceremony and stand at the chuppah with us! Did anyone get a photo of the unexpected wedding guest? If so, please share it!

You had some anxiety about wearing a poufy white dress – was it more fun than you anticipated?

Taking a Mulligan on bustling my wedding gown...

Yes! I loved my dress and it was not even close to being the taffeta-torture I once envisioned. I only had two issues with it:

1) I needed a chaperone to use the loo! Mid-way through the day I could hold it no longer, but I couldn’t find my mom or my ‘maids! What was a bride to do? Grab my best neighbor, Rhymes-With-Tinny, and high-tail it to the bridal suite where we took our relationship to a more intimate level. Frankly, I only dared venture to the WC once because it was such a production!

2) A minor wardrobe malfunction about 2/3 of the way through the day included part of my dress un-bustling (de-bustling?). Luckily my stylists were there to help and we re-bustled it right in the middle of the reception.

It was a magical day and a perfect way to begin the next stage in our relationship! Thanks, everyone!

~ Mrs. L-ski

Engagement Shout-Out!

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This weekend, my dear friend, C25K workout-inspirer, and alien communicator, Rhymes-with-Tinny (also known as Tirginia) received a romantic surprise proposal from her man, Rhymes-with-Hat-Trick (who, you may recall, hates the word “moist”)! 

And dang, girls… that bling is sparkly!!!  Well chosen, Hat-Trick!  That ring looks good on ‘er!

Sorry about the photo quality... My BlackBerry camera doesn't do this justice!

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Runnin’ on Empty…

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After all the hullabaloo surrounding Factinis & Factomelettes these past two days, we thought a nice, tame post is just what the doctor would order (if we regularly went to see a medical professional about our blog), so today I will be espousing our views about politics, religion, abortions, PETA and other, more relaxed topics than travel and tourism. Just kidding!  

Today I shall regale you with tales of my latest fitness craze: C25K! That’s right: I’m purposely prying myself away from a heavenly couch to run five kilometers. More accurately: I’m prying myself away from the comfy couch (that may or may not have a delightful indentation matching the size and shape of my rump) to attempt to train to eventually run five kilometers. Tomaytoe, tomaaahtoe.  

I shall be a couch potato no more...


While I know three miles (give or take a few wheezes) may not sound terribly impressive to our more athletically-prowessed (yup, I just made up my own word) readers, for a gal who had spine surgery just a few short years ago, 5k is pretty darn awesome.  

And I’m not going it alone! My neighbor, Rhymes With Tinny (also known as Tirginia) got me started on this nine week adventure and we’ve been sweating and complaining together all summer. Yesterday we finished week six and thus far we have been able to employ some helpful tactics to power through the training including:  

  • Singing about our aches and pains
  • Solving each other’s personal crises in excruciating detail to distract ourselves
  • Over-analyzing everything (see above)
  • Picturing ourselves with “runners’ bodies”
  • And lots of encouragement and praise

But we have a funny feeling that weeks seven-nine won’t be the cake walk we are hoping for.  From here on out, it’s pain central!   



Ask Us About Space…

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Some days I can’t believe that so many theories about extraterrestrials abound: Area 51, crop circles, abductions, UFO sightings, pod people who don’t exactly fit in with humans (I’m talking to you, Tom Cruise), etc.

Do I doubt there is intelligent life on other planets? Absolutely not. But I don’t think we need all these conspiracy theories. If we want to make contact with aliens, we need to open our eyes and read the signs clearly… It isn’t that complicated, earthlings!

For example, one day my dear friend and neighbor Rhymes With Tinny and I were running errands and we happened upon this sign:
While most of the other customers entering the Starbucks in the building simply walked past it assuming this was a punny real estate advertisement, Rhymes With Tinny and I knew better. As Freud said: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar – and sometimes a hotline about space really will put you in touch with aliens!

So, dear reader(s), I implore you to live long and prosper, nanu nanu and phone home (your parents miss hearing from you!).


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