Let’s Go… Yankees?

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This is a painful blog post. In fact, this is a truly painful night for yours truly. For those of you unfamiliar with the ALDS (that’s baseball, kids), my beloved Red Sox are donezo for the season, and Andrew’s Yankees are currently playing the Twins.

Normally I’d be rooting for the Twins; not merely to avoid giving Andrew the satisfaction of hearing me support his little pin-striped squad, but also because I like the Twins and have fond memories of watching them play often during a summer spent in the Twin Cities.
But tonight is no normal night. With our wedding just four days away, I’m faced with a serious problem: there’s a chance that there will be a Yankees game on our wedding night, and I don’t really want to know what Andrew would do if given the dilemma of me v. Yankees.
So what’s a girl to do? Root for a sweep! I would love to see the Twins shut the Yankees down, but I know that such a situation would make for an extremely irritable groom-to-be, and with all the other stuff on our plates right now, we both need to be on our best behavior.
So here I am with a very traumatic confession: I’m rooting for the Yankees to sweep the ALDS. 
And it hurts.
PS As I write this it is the top of the fourth, 3-0 Twins, and Andrew is verging on groomzilla already…

Red Sox v. Yankees… Again

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As many of you know, this weekend the Bombers are in town for a series against the Sox. I’m not sure how many of our readers are true baseball fans (full disclosure: only half of the Factinis & Factomelettes team enjoys America’s favorite pastime), but my guess is that many of you have at least declared allegiance to one of the two teams involved in this series.

I won’t claim to be a super stats-gal, or the greatest fan in Beantown. But I’m definitely NOT a “pink hat” (aka a trendy bandwagon fan) and I can hold my own around town. Without hesitation, I can tell you my favorite current Red Sox player (Mikey Lowell – and I had the pleasure of sitting next to him once, or twice, or maybe three times, but we’ll save that stalking tale for another entry), that the Green Monster is 37 feet high (though I’ve never had the pleasure of sitting in the Monster Seats – hint, hint), and that I must respect Ted Williams, No. 9!

I cannot, however, hold my own in my own home. You see: my cohabitator is a… it’s so painful to say it… he’s a… Yankees fan. A painful truth that has taken me a lot of time to accept, but here I am, declaring it for all cyberspace to see (or, more likely, ignore). He’s not just a regular fan; he really knows his stuff! Stats, history, clubhouse gossip – the man’s head is full of Yankees trivia. And it can be intimidating, especially when our teams are going head-to-head.

And yet, despite this difference, we manage to maintain peace in our home for much of the year.  Yes, we have rules about what we can and cannot say during the games, limits on home decor with team insignias, and the occasional “debate,” but overall, baseball has been a good thing for our relationship.  When our teams play each other, it’s a test of patience, will and love… and if we can get through baseball season, we can get through anything!


PS This amazing cake photo is from courtneyscakes’ photostream on flickr!

PPS I don’t want to discuss the score of last night’s game…

Are you Crazylicious? A Jersey Love Letter

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A few weeks ago, I came home late from work and overheard a woman talking about teasing her hair (“the higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven”) and the power of the smoky eye, so I crept into the living room, ninja-style, to investigate.  It wasn’t another woman; it wasn’t even a cosmetics commercial.  The source of said beauty advice was the Style Network’s “Jerseylicious” – and my husband was watching the reality TV show with rapt attention.

Are you Jerseylicious? How about crazylicious?

If caught watching Jerseylicious, many men would feign ignorance of what was on the screen, or quickly change the channel to ESPN, or even make a lewd comment about only watching the show to gawk at the skanky outfits (of which there are plenty).  Not Andrew.  As soon as he saw me gaping at him (wondering what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks he was watching), he patted the couch cushion next to him and said: “Hon, you gotta watch this!  It’s really dramatic!”

And then he DVR’d the entire series.

Until that moment, I hadn’t realized how deep his love of reality TV ran.  And when I watched the entire series with him, I realized how deep my love runs for him.  Let’s face it: the “reality” show is pretty obviously scripted.  But there I sat, snuggled next to my husband for hours on end, simply wanting to bask in the glow of his enjoyment.

So I guess this post is a kind of love letter to Andrew, because not only is he giving me blog fodder (which, admittedly, has been quieter than I would like lately), but he’s also shown me what an amazing man he is.  He isn’t ashamed of who he is, he doesn’t bow to peer pressure.  He is passionate and silly and has the courage of his convictions, even if those convictions revolve around bad TV, weird taste in movies, and his pledge of allegiance to the WRONG baseball team.  He is kind and funny and brilliant… except when it comes to the idiot box.

The hours (and hours) I’ve spent watching the show haven’t been squandered; as my husband watches the drama unfold, I get to watch him relax, let go of our “real” concerns and simply enjoy a little brain candy.

And who knows, maybe I will pick up the skills to do a killer smoky eye!

Love The One You’re With… Even If It’s A Different Color Than You Expected

July 14, 2011 at 10:15 am | Posted in Around Boston, Home Ownership | 2 Comments
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My hubs is obsessed with all things New York.  Especially evil sports teams.  Ptoo, ptoo.  So when we were picking paint colors for our new construction site, errrr, I mean house, he may have been swayed by Behr’s creative naming practices.

This is NOT, I repeat, NOT what home improvement is like!

We wanted to paint our bedroom walls gray – with white wood furniture, black bedding and a pop of red accent accessories, we thought it would look really contemporary and cool – so when we stumbled upon “Manhattan Mist,” he was sold!

Did I point out that painting our room the self-professed color of smog might be a bad idea? No.  Because I don’t like to rain on his parades.  And I’m being very careful about picking my battles these days. And because I thought the color was pretty slick, too.

So we painted our room Manhattan Mist, and we were SUPER excited about it!  We knew that once we finished painting, it would be the only room in the whole gourd-forsaken place that would be finished before move-in day!  FTW!

As you can guess, it didn’t work out as planned.  In the afternoon and evening light, our slick gray color looks lavender.  Really, really, unmistakably lavender.  We have purple walls.  Purple!

And we are completely, utterly and unequivocally exhausted.  So, rather than taking the time and effort (neither of which we have enough of) to repaint the rhymes-with-trucking walls, we’re learning to love the lavender.


Shiksa of the Year

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I just found out something so amazing that I absolutely have to share it with my dear reader(s). Prepare to have your mind blown. The Chosen People have banded together to determine which Jewish male and female so embody the true Heb spirit as to be honored as Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year. Even more incredible? My bloggier half’s brother and future sister-in-law are in the running!

I’ll pause so you can peruse the candidates and make a worthy selection (hint: Rachel C. is a good – nay, the best – choice, but we Wilderrols are biased). Full disclosure: I haven’t read the rules. However, I’m fairly confident that anyone can vote, regardless of religion. Unless you’re a Scientologist.

Courtesy of Little Miss Sunshine

I'm not saying this would be my skill during the talent portion, but I'm not saying it wouldn't, either...

Now that you’ve exercised your pick of one descendant of David over another, allow me to highlight a woeful omission on the part of the contest’s creators: there is no Shiksa of the Year. And as someone who has been bestowed an honorary membership in The Tribe (not to be confused with the Cleveland Indians, which is also known as the tribe.  Whoa.  Baseball trivia.  I only know that because I dated a half-heb who was a die-hard Yankees fan when they beat the Indians during the 1998 ALCS.  You should also know I had to consult the winkipedia for accuracy.), I feel I should be in the running. And here’s why:

1. Yes, I love me some pig. But I like to think of my pork consumption as doing the dirty work so the Chosen People don’t have to. Don’t worry, Hebs, I’ll always eat your bacon! And yeah, I know that sounds very inappropriate.

2. I’m about to make the world of inter-religious couples a little easier. Without letting the proverbial feline out of the knapsack, I can tell you that Sarah and I have embarked upon a joint venture to prevent oopsies like questioning the contents of “the Gifts” during a Catholic service or donning a yarmulke at a jaunty 45 degree angle.

3. My favorite topic of conversation? Food. This is most likely a direct result of Italian heritage. But if you’ve ever spoken to me after I’ve attended an sort of affair in which food was even vaguely present, you know what I’m talking about. I might not be able to remember anyone’s name, but I can provide you with a detailed description of every edible creation in the establishment.  And from tasting some of the delicacies of Sarah’s heritage, I say yum, bring it on!

4. I like saving money. In fact, prior to penning this post I organized my coupons. Because that’s what I do.

I’m confident there are many other reasons that I would be an ideal candidate for Shiksa of the Year (were someone to create such an honor). However, I don’t like to brag. But if someone else wants to brag on my behalf, I wouldn’t turn down the honor. So let’s get this pageant started, shall we? If it would help, I’d even don an evening gown and bathing suit a la Miss America. Although you may want to wait until the Kinect has kicked my tuchas into gear.


Wedding Q&A

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Thank you all for your support and advice over the past few months. You, dear reader(s), helped calm my nerves and gave me the practical advice that helped make our wedding day such a memorable, fun, stress-free one! Today I will use this platform to answer your questions about 10/10/10 – and if I missed any, feel free to ask.


Are you planning to take Andrew’s name or will you keep the Wilderrol surname?

I have decided to legally change my name, so I will become Mrs. L-ski (whenever I get around to making the switch), but I won’t be offended if you wish to continue using my “maiden” name.

I heard a rumor that you wore tacky red sneakers to your own wedding. Is that true?

No. I wore these sophisticated beauties during the ceremony:

Stylin' Weddin' Shoes

And these adorable red tennies during the reception:

Comfy and coordinated!

They match the color scheme – ergo the sneaks weren’t tacky. 

Did Andrew follow-through on his threat to put cake on your face?

Open wide... airplane is coming in for a landing!

Nope, happily he respected my wishes… and/or did a quick little calculation about the amount of alone time we would have that night (since the Yankees swept, we had NO distractions – except for the hour it took to take my hair down) and figured it would be best if I wasn’t feeling harpy-tastic and ready exact revenge for the rest of our days. He politely fed me a dollop of icing…after he made it swoop around like an “airplane” (say aaah) toward my mouth. 

What did you two end up giving each other as wedding day gifts?

We managed to find each other superb gifts to exchange on our big day, if we do say so ourselves! Since we aren’t taking our honeymoon until next spring, Andrew gifted me a “mini-moon” so we could enjoy a weekend away together this fall. I gave him cuff links made from baseballs used in a Yankees game so he could walk down the aisle with a little pinstripe-pizzazz in his step – and they even matched our decor!

Did nature cooperate?

Yes! In fact, not only did Momma N. cooperate by providing gorgeous weather and stunning foliage, but apparently she also endorsed our union and sent a cute little chipmunk messenger to witness our ceremony and stand at the chuppah with us! Did anyone get a photo of the unexpected wedding guest? If so, please share it!

You had some anxiety about wearing a poufy white dress – was it more fun than you anticipated?

Taking a Mulligan on bustling my wedding gown...

Yes! I loved my dress and it was not even close to being the taffeta-torture I once envisioned. I only had two issues with it:

1) I needed a chaperone to use the loo! Mid-way through the day I could hold it no longer, but I couldn’t find my mom or my ‘maids! What was a bride to do? Grab my best neighbor, Rhymes-With-Tinny, and high-tail it to the bridal suite where we took our relationship to a more intimate level. Frankly, I only dared venture to the WC once because it was such a production!

2) A minor wardrobe malfunction about 2/3 of the way through the day included part of my dress un-bustling (de-bustling?). Luckily my stylists were there to help and we re-bustled it right in the middle of the reception.

It was a magical day and a perfect way to begin the next stage in our relationship! Thanks, everyone!

~ Mrs. L-ski

Photo Phriday: Wedding Bells

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Dear Reader(s), in just a few more days, my bloggier half will go from swinging single to happily ever after.  And I could not be more excited!  I love Sarah & Andrew.  Look how cute they are!


Love despite a hatred for the other's team.

Even though she’s a diehard Red Sox fan and he lives for pinstripes, they’ve found a way to make it work.  I’m proud of them.  Personally, I don’t know how they do it.  I mean, just a couple weeks ago at Schmalex’s birthday dinner I may or may not have threatened to torch another guest’s car simply because he’s a Michigan fan and I happen to be partial to the Buckeyes.


Hoodles, enough about my alleged criminal acts.  Wedding bells are set to chime on Sunday.  So I”m offering up an early congratulations to my dear Sarah & Andrew.  I’m so happy for you both!!!


PS If anyone has any last-minute advice for the soon-to-be-newlyweds, now’s the time…

Putting the Super in Superstition

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We have all heard of sports-related superstitions: not changing unmentionables during a winning streak, refusing to shave until the end of the season, eating the exact same meal before every game, and other “delightful” habits. Athletes do these things because they are dedicated to winning, and we just can’t say for sure whether it is a grilled cheese sandwich or a butterfly in Asia (or the ‘roids…) that powered that homerun.

As adoring fans, we love learning about the quirks of all star athletes – that’s how we know they are as nuts as we are, and sometimes even more so! But what about the regular fans upon whose unshorn heads and smelly socks victory may rest?

In my never-ending quest to give credit where credit is due, I would like to dedicate today’s blog to the everyday fans whose daily routine often sways the course of history (if only in their heads). And this group isn’t as rare as we may think…

In fact, even my dear mate, let’s call him Shandrew, who I adore beyond words despite his sports team affiliations, and who gave me permission to discuss his habits in this post, often feels the weight of the entire Yankees and/or Giants-loving world on his shoulders. To help carry this burden, he has engaged in the following superstitious behaviors: refusing to use nail clippers during the baseball postseason for his fingernails (note: biting nails is acceptable – afterall, just because your team is in the playoffs doesn’t mean you can grow lady nails! No couples mani/pedis for us), refusing to close a tab in Internet Explorer that refreshes his favorite sports blog (totally messes with blog tracking and analytics – but the blogger would probably agree that it is worth it for the team’s win), even avoiding changing his razor blade during this crucial time. And last week, his faith in bizarre rituals paid off and the Yankees became World Series champs again*.

So here’s to you, average Joe-shmoe fan! Your dirty laundry, unkempt hair and other strange hygeine habits are really making a difference.

~ Sarah

*Yes, that was tremendously difficult to write, but again, I must give credit where credit is due, and they played some good baseball this year. Sigh.

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