Coffee and Crushed Dreams: The Keurig Ad Katastrophe

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Maybe it’s because I’ve always been harsh about ridiculous commercials (cough cough Chico’s cough cough) or because I’m a mom-to-be (g-d willing) and extra sensitive about this kind of thing, but the latest round of Keurig commercials is driving me batty.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of Keurig brewers (I even requested one for xmas a few years back, and fought the man in my old job to get one at work, too), but I’m not a big fan of squelching the imagination of children – even children acting in commercials.

Don’t know what I’m referring to?  This series of advertisements features two adults and a kid; one adult asks, “How does Keurig always have my favorite coffee?” or “How does Keurig brew such a great cup of coffee?”  The kid launches into an imaginative explanation of the magical world inside the brewer, and the adults says, in effect, “No you moron, I just push a button.”



And what’s worse?  These are the company’s holiday commercials!  The ones designed to get us to want to buy the latest brewer and either gift it to friends/family or keep it for ourselves, to make us identify with these fake people and want their lives, or at least want to start our day with the same kind of coffee they’re drinking.

Granted, this isn’t enough to make me give up my beloved k-cups (even though I’m a decaf only girl now – sigh), but it is enough to get me to blog rant.  Come on, people!


Chico’s So Slimming Jeans for the Already Slim

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As you know, dear reader(s), it’s been a while since I last blogged, so you can bet I have some pent-up inconsequential angst to share.  Today I’d like to take out my irrational wrath on the Chico’s So Slimming™ commercials. 

So Slimming Jeans

Wow! Chico’s So Slimming(TM) Jeans make skinny women look skinny!

As a gal with fairly obvious love handles (I wouldn’t want love to just slip away – it needs something to hold on to!) and who has been pretty open about battling my own personal bulge, I’m the target audience for such slenderizing apparel*. 

You know who doesn’t need said minimizing pantaloons?  The lady dancing like a fool in their commercials (which air CONSTANTLY, I might add). 

Click here for one of the ads I’m talking about…

I can practically see this little dancing diva’s hip bones!!  Honestly, Chico’s, let’s get real.  Advertising slimming jeans on a skinny lady does NOTHING for your target customer except perhaps generate resentment. 

You want to prove these pants are worth their weight in advertising claims?  Put a REAL woman in the pants!  And for Twinkies’ sake, quit perpetuating the stereotype that even the healthiest of women could still stand to lose a few lbs. (or at least appear as if she has lost that last pesky ounce – that she’s sure everyone notices – thanks to these miracle pants)!  Enough!       

Shame on you, Chico’s!


* Though granted, perhaps a decade or two too young for this particular brand.

Photo Phriday: Lost In Translation

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Ikea, for those who avoid pop culture and reasonably priced, ready-to-assemble-furniture, is a powerful brand.  So powerful, in fact, that according to the Twitter wisdom of @davidgate and #FactsWithoutWikipedia, “In 1983 Sweden changed the colours of their flag to Blue and Yellow after the phenomenal success of the IKEA brand.”

Personally, I love Ikea.  And nearly everyone I know has purchased an Ikea product they can’t pronounce because the Swedish brand, staying true to itself, doesn’t rename their products in local dialects.  And usually that’s fine.  But sometimes it can be a little awkward, which brings me to today’s Photo Phriday.  I recently got the following email blast from Ikea – can you spot the faux pas?

(Hint: think like a slang-spewing teen boy)

Ikea: affordable prices, lack of cultural intelligence. No wonder that woman is hiding!

If you don’t know what the name of that faucet translates to, I congratulate you!  You’re not missing anything, other than an embarrassing moment and uncomfortable mental image.  However, if you do have a burning need to discover what this slang means and lose a little part of your innocence (not worth it*), I’ll refer you to “Urban Dictionary,” but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

* Seriously, you can NEVER go back to not knowing this, so click wisely, dear reader(s).  And remember, I don’t recommend it!

Photo Phriday: A Side of ROC I’ve Never Seen

May 20, 2011 at 10:00 am | Posted in Photo Phriday | 2 Comments
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Have you ever taken a look at the ads when stalking perusing Facebook? This picture actually appeared in an ad one day with the caption “Things To Do In Rochester.”

large person riding larger snail

I'm not sure what's scarier -- the snail or the person riding it.

I promise this is not representative of Rochester. Unless it would make you want to visit. In which case I swear up and down that ginormous snails are our preferred method of transportation.


PS I’m probably supposed to give photo credit where photo credit is due. So for disclosure purposes, this was an ad for Groupon. I was extremely disappointed when I clicked on the ad. I really thought there might be a giant snail farm in Rochester. Yeah. I’m a sucker. Or an idiot. But I prefer “optimist.”

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