Photo Phriday: Lost In Translation

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Ikea, for those who avoid pop culture and reasonably priced, ready-to-assemble-furniture, is a powerful brand.  So powerful, in fact, that according to the Twitter wisdom of @davidgate and #FactsWithoutWikipedia, “In 1983 Sweden changed the colours of their flag to Blue and Yellow after the phenomenal success of the IKEA brand.”

Personally, I love Ikea.  And nearly everyone I know has purchased an Ikea product they can’t pronounce because the Swedish brand, staying true to itself, doesn’t rename their products in local dialects.  And usually that’s fine.  But sometimes it can be a little awkward, which brings me to today’s Photo Phriday.  I recently got the following email blast from Ikea – can you spot the faux pas?

(Hint: think like a slang-spewing teen boy)

Ikea: affordable prices, lack of cultural intelligence. No wonder that woman is hiding!

If you don’t know what the name of that faucet translates to, I congratulate you!  You’re not missing anything, other than an embarrassing moment and uncomfortable mental image.  However, if you do have a burning need to discover what this slang means and lose a little part of your innocence (not worth it*), I’ll refer you to “Urban Dictionary,” but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

* Seriously, you can NEVER go back to not knowing this, so click wisely, dear reader(s).  And remember, I don’t recommend it!

Intern Interviews

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Someone thought it would be a good idea for Sarah and me to choose our office’s intern each semester. As difficult to believe as it may be, we can actually be quite professional when necessary. Our interviews consist of the typical questions: Why do you want to work here? What are your goals for this experience? What were the best and worst parts of your previous internships? That sort of thing. But here’s what we’d really like to ask:

Besides searching for an internship, what games of chance do you enjoy? Craps? Russian roulette? Because we’re looking for a third. After the “unpleasantness” this morning…

If you were going to hide a body, where would you do it? And how much dead weight can you carry on, say, a five-mile sprint through the woods and across streams? Hypothetically, of course.

When push comes to shove, would you really miss your parents?

Are you allowed to leave the country? Do you have a passport? How many?

How do you feel about committing felonies?

Which of the following makes you squeamish? Please select all that apply.
A. Blood
B. Bodily fluids
C. Needles
D. Puppies

How do you feel about growing a tail?

Do you have fingerprints? Can I borrow them?

Can we hold hands?

Do you consider personal space a necessity?

Known aliases? Unknown aliases?

If you were a breakfast cereal, would you prefer to end it all and plunge to a soggy, liquid grave in regular, Lactaid or soy milk, and why?

What would you consider an appropriate bribe?

Jazz hands or spirit fingers?

Are you opposed to sleeping your way to the top? Have you already slept your way to the bottom?

Do you have access to large quantities of lyme and fertilizer? Can you get some?

Would you be willing to perform surgery?
~April & Sarah

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