Photo Phriday: Game of Thrones

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Today’s Photo Phriday gem is brought to us by one of my colleagues at Dark Water Fowl.  As he pulled into our office parking garage this week, he had no idea he was entering a throne room!


Toilets on parade

As he said, these porcelain soldiers were lined up and ready for battle!

You could get lost among all those loos…

Water closet?  Try water garage…

<Insert more potty humor here>

Pregnancy, Part One

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As you know, I’m fairly open about sharing news and life milestones, but for some reason, I felt REALLY awkward telling people about my pregnancy when it was time to share it.  Has any other mom-to-be felt this way?  Am I the only who couldn’t quite figure out a way to let people know?  Or who was content with people eventually figuring out that my belly was more baby than brownies (for a change) without my having to say it out loud?

Let’s just say I wasn’t quick to post ultrasound photos to Facebook… (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”)

But now that my pregnancy is “Facebook official” (thanks, mom!), I can blog about it freely and share my experiences thus far with a bun in my oven (icky expression).  Andrew and I are SO excited to be parents (g-d willing), but as you can imagine, there’s been a fair amount of awkwardness over these past 16 weeks, too.  Here’s a slice of the silly aspects of pregnancy thus far…

In the Dark with Morning Sickness

Because I work at a software company, the ratio of men to women is pretty skewed, so, despite the four stalls, the ladies room often feels like a private potty.  The plus side of that is, mid-first trimester when I spent a fair amount of time hovering over the porcelain throne, I could bank on being alone in there and easily hiding whenever I had to toss my cookies in the office bathroom.

However, this privacy also had a downside.  In an effort to save energy, the bathroom lights are on sensors, and after a few minutes without detecting movement, the lights shut off.  No windows, no night lights – it is pitch black in there when the overheads are off.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awkward it is to be locked in a bathroom stall in absolute darkness, on the verge of ralphing, praying you don’t miss the toilet while trying not to touch anything!

It should have been an event in London – I’d have won Olympic gold!

Adventures in Urgent Care

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(To my readers in the medical profession who wish to avoid snarky, unsolicited tips on how to make the experience better for your patients, stop reading and check back tomorrow for a Photo Phriday that is guaranteed to offend someone – they always do – but hopefully that someone is not you!)

I recently had a run-in with this wild bitch and ended up in the urgent care center (in other words: sweet-but-still-being-trained Cadie accidentally gave me a concussion – oops!). I waited and waited to see the doctor (not unexpected on a Saturday), and while the wait didn’t bother me much, what did bother me were my surroundings. Despite my less than optimal state, even I was able to observe the ridiculousness of the situation.  And since I’m nothing if not judgy annoying helpful, I came up with three tips that can make future patients’ visits much nicer…

Tip #1: Remove Patronizing “Art”

As I lay on the crunchy paper lining of the pleather exam table awaiting the poor doc. who got the short straw that weekend, I gazed up at the ceiling and saw this:

Tacky Art


Yes, that cheap, thumb-tacked poster says “Fragile.”


I’m pretty sure that, once you’ve reached the point where you are in an urgent care situation, you know you’re fragile.  I certainly don’t need a reminder.  I also don’t need to be potentially impaled with a thumb tack!  (Don’t think I didn’t notice that one of the thumb tacks was missing!  I had HOURS to stare up at that thing.)

Tip #2: Tick, Tick, Tick

We expect to wait to see a doctor, but for heaven’s sake, don’t emphasize exactly how long we spend alone and uncomfortable in those dingy little exam rooms! In other words: having a clock in the room is fine, but please consider one that doesn’t loudly tick away every second we’re stuck there!  Especially for those with head injuries, migraines, etc…

Tip #3: Utilize Appropriate Recognition

To distract myself from the patronizing artwork and the sound of my life ticking away, and to relieve the call of nature, I ventured down the hallway to the W.C. and saw this on the wall:

Congrats to…?… on…?…!

Yes, that IS a blank certificate of achievement recognizing no one for nothing in particular.  On the bathroom wall.  Hellooooooooo!  Does anyone else consider this bizarre?? 

Editor’s note: apparently one of the symptoms of a concussion is being overly emotional… so… yeah…  

Photo Phriday: Lady Bits

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Today’s Photo Phriday comes to you from a local eatery near Chez L-ski where this gorgeous mural is posted outside the ladies loo.  Why is this worthy of a Photo Phriday public shaming?  Because it makes me question basic anatomy.


Anatomically Incorrect

Is this what we're supposed to look like??

Bathroom Etiquette

June 8, 2011 at 8:55 am | Posted in Around Boston, Office Humor | 8 Comments
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I like to think I’m well-versed in etiquette.  My friends and family know me as the “thank you card queen” (I really do have an affinity for writing cards of all kinds, especially thank you notes), and I’m often consulted in matters of propriety and manners (I like to think it’s because I’ve been well-trained, not because I’m judgy).  But, dear reader(s), I’m not too proud to admit that I don’t always have the answers, and at the moment, I am perplexed by a situation at my new workplace.

The ladies room in our office building is one of those four-stall deals.  And yes, I do have a preferred stall – it’s the third one – what of it?  Anywho, it’s a rare occasion that I’m in the throne room alone.  Not an unusually strange situation – we’re all faced with public pottying every now and then.  What is strange, however, is the behavior of one of the gals in my building.

A few times every week when I enter the loo, I find her there already – but she’s never in a stall.  Most of the time, she’s pacing around the tiled room, talking (loudly) on her cell phone (in another language, so no, I can’t eavesdrop – not that eavesdropping would be proper, even if I could do it!).  And sometimes she’s pacing around the room without her cell phone.  Mumbling to herself.  Or crying.  She never potties.  She only paces and makes some sort of noise.

And I have NO idea what to do.  I’ve tried a noncommittal smile, a friendly smile, a chin-raise-acknowledgement, a brief “hey,” a wave, and even a “You okay?” inquiry.  I’ve tried ignoring her, acknowledging her without eye contact, and pretending I’m not listening to anything but the sound of my own… breathing.  But nothing really feels right.

What, dear reader(s), would you do?

Perplexed in the potty,

Caption Contest: Bathroom Instructions

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It’s Contest Day at Factinis & Factomelettes!  This little gem was submitted by my funtastic colleague, Big D*, who encountered the following pictogram in the bathroom of a MegaBus.  But like us, she has NO idea what this means…


What does this mean???


Take a break from your Cyber-Monday shopping… errr… I mean… hard work… and submit your best caption.  There’s a fabulous prize awaiting our caption contest winner!

Big D’s entry is: Don’t pee on sleeping men on the toilet.

Tough to beat… but give it your best shot!



*Don’t let the name fool you – Big D is one hot little number!

Photo Phriday: Awkward Potty Time

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Some restaurants use cutesy names to designate their restrooms for each gender. There’s the bulls/lambs combination, the monsieur/madame pairing, even the guys/dolls theatrical reference. 

But the other day I was in a restaurant that had particularly unusual signage. Here’s how they marked the men’s room door: 



Does anyone else think this sign is a little awkward? 

~ Sarah

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