Married Life = ???

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The other day after work, our boss* forced us to join him and the rest of the team for happy hour (not that we didn’t want to, of course, but you know how long our commutes are – we like getting home at a reasonable hour). Put aside the fact that he doesn’t drink at all, and that I’m always the designated driver- that’s not the point of this story (though it is a little silly). What is more bloggable is how he coerced me into going…

“Sarah,” he said. “Has anyone ever told you what happens after you get married?”

“No… What happens??” I answered in a slightly panicked voice.

“Terrible things. You had better come out with us now, before it is too late!”

I glanced at my bloggier – and happily married (to Mike, not me) – half for a little hint or some reassurance. She shrugged her shoulders, unable to assuage my concerns.

“What kinds of things, boss-man?”

“Well, your weekends become… boring. You will start thinking of a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond as a date, you’ll go to Home Depot and see Imax movies at the Jordan’s in Reading… You may even go out for dinner at Kelly’s!”

Well, dear reader(s), if you subtract the trips to Kelly’s and add Sunday mornings at the grocery store and a few meals out at “casual dining establishments,” that’s pretty much what my weekends are like now! And Andrew and I kind of like it that way.

So my question for you is: what happens after we get hitched? Will we become more exciting? Will we reach a new level of blah? Help! What should we expect?!?


* N.B.: Said top banana is happily married with three kids.

Adventures in Wedding Planning: Registry Fun!

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So far Andrew and I have done our best to only tackle the fun things related to wedding planning, and avoid the more stressful tasks (enormous white gown and non-cheesy interfaith ceremony ideas I’m talking to you!). This weekend we continued our streak and began registering for gifts.

At one of the stores that may or may not rhyme with Red Wrath & The Pond, we worked with a lovely and kind bridal consultant, albeit a gal who thought proper pronunciation was overrated. For example: she inquired as to whether we were planning to register for “sudoku knives.” Umm, YES please! Apparently cutlery companies now make knives that also play mind-exercising numbers games. Alas, we looked all over the store but could not find them. The closest we could find were santoku knives.

That afternoon Andrew and I also faced the difficult decision of whether to register for both a grill pan and a Panini maker, or a grill pan alone. I know, I know, tough decisions. I thought I found the solution in one of those griddle presses (which could make the grill pan function like a Panini press), until I realized what it was called. When I added it to our list, it was listed as a “Cast Iron Bacon Grill Press.” Well, you have read about my culinary restrictions long enough to realize that, as a moderately good Heb, the name would give me pause. What would my family say? I mean, it is bad enough that Andrew is registering for a deep fryer (I can already picture my carb-hating fam purse their lips and slowly shake their heads when they get to that section of the list…), but if I add something that has the trayfest of trayf food in the name, I’d really be asking for trouble. But the idea of grilling steak indoors and making perfect Paninis (sorry carb haters, they are delish!) was too tempting. There had to be a solution…

Luckily I kept that dream alive and at our next destination, the delightful Rhymes-With-Trait-&-Carol, I found the solution in the more forgivingly named: “Cast Iron Grill Press.”

Phew! Crisis averted 😉 Next stop: Rhymes-With-FrillyYams-&-Bologna (Italian city, not lunchmeat)…


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