(what?) My Name Is…

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Farah. Or Farrah. Apparently.

It’s a surprise to me, too, but multiple hospitality workers can’t be wrong.

Who am I???

You see I’ve noticed a new trend: whenever I call to make a reservation, or order takeout or delivery, the restaurant worker on the other end thinks my name starts with F (as in Frank) not S (as in strawberry… or Sarah, as the case may be).

Don’t get me wrong – I think Farah (or Farrah, as some write it) is a lovely name. A good friend of mine in college bore the moniker, and arguably my favorite teen mom does, too. Not to mention a deceased actress who sported the featheriest of all feathered locks

It just isn’t MY name.

I mean, Sarah is a popular name – trust me, I was never the only Sarah in a classroom, while Far(r)ah is certainly less common. I assume Far(r)ahs are mistaken for Sarahs or Caras regularly – but I am shocked at how often the opposite happens!

And it’s not that I mind, necessarily. I just find it curious. If it happened once, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Twice? I might have remarked about it in passing. But I’ve been called Far(r)ah at least five times in the past two months.  And that warrants a blog!  What gives?

P.S. I composed this little missive on the T this morning, and my BlackBerry spellchecker had a field day!  For the record, Farah is auto-corrected to Sarah!  (And Farrah auto-corrects to either Fare or Fairy, but that’s another story for another day…)

BlackBerry Says What?

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Beware: I sail under this flag with my swashbucklin' crew... Arrr!

Like so many others, I am addicted to my “CrackBerry.” But sometimes it gets a little pushy and overbearing, particularly when it is spell-checking my emails!

For example, here’s an email I *almost* sent to my partner in crime last Friday evening:

Hi April,

Happy weekend! This afternoon the Makers threw me a surprise bray party – complete w/chocolate pH ice cream cake and Guineas! You would’ve loved it 🙂

Okay, onto the serious shining: Resolution Be Better Loggers (bib: I guess it’s the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath and…)! If you can take Mind and Wed, I can take Tues and Thugs, and we have a reader-submitted pig for Photo Variety. Gay! A full week of blockage! Sound double?


Here’s what I actually wrote *before* the Blackberry got a hold of it:

Hi April,

Happy weekend! This afternoon the MoCo’ers threw me a surprise bday party – complete with chocolate pb ice cream cake and Guinness! You would’ve loved it 🙂

Okay, onto the serious shiznit: Resolution Be Better Bloggers (BBB: I guess it’s the “Beyond” in Bed, Bath and…)! If you can take Mon and Wed, I can take Tues and Thurs, and we have a reader-submitted pic for Photo Phriday. Yay! A full week of bloggage! Sound doable?


The lessons?

1) Misspellings aren’t always the lesser of two evils.

2) BlackBerry’s aren’t the boss of me.

3) And “Yay” is a word, damn it!


Incognito Blogging Ninja

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Thursday, August 5, 2010…  

I'm a blogging ninja...

As I write this, dear reader(s), I’m doing my best to go undetected. I’m trying to channel my inner ninja, fade into the background, avoid quick movements and eye contact, and stay as noiseless as a goldfish.  

I’m on public transportation, sitting diagonally across from a business contact (on the T that means we are actually facing each other). In the back of my mind I can’t help but picture my colleagues… if they were in my shoes they would strike up some kind of quasi-meaningful conversation… the Sox… the weather… nuclear proliferation… the impending demise of the printed word… But I can’t do it today.   

I know I’m a PR pro, but sometimes I just don’t have it in me to “relate” to the “public.” I’m getting over food poisoning, I’m exhausted, not interested in making small talk, I’ve had a long day at work – gimme a break!  

So I’m sitting here, staring down at my BlackBerry, typing this blog post so I don’t have to raise my eyes and risk opening a line of communication (verbal or otherwise) with said contact. Thank you, dear reader(s), for allowing me to hide out, for enabling my attempted hermit behavior and giving me a reason to look too busy to be interrupted.  

I owe you one!  


Commute Convo

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Sarah and I clearly don’t spend enough time together during the day, so we often chat via Blackberry Instant Messenger on our train rides home.  Sometimes we look back at our chat history and think our conversation was goofy enough to share with you, our dear reader(s).  And sometimes we just don’t have anything planned, so we cheat and post one of our chats.  I won’t tell you what kind of post this is.  But I will share one of our more recent convos.  Enjoy!

Sarah: Yayay, you’re probably on your way home now! You made it through Monday!

April: Yes, but am soaking and smell like a taxidermist shop after the fire sprinklers went off.

April: Also: forced a guy on a laptop (sitting in the aisle seat!!!) To get up so I could sit down.

Sarah: Hahah, that’s a great metaphor!

Sarah: And glad you made the jerk get up. Hope you dripped on him 😉

April: Wet taxidermy is I.

April: Sure did. And he has to smell me. So there.

April: Couldn’t find my umbrella this morning.

Sarah: Take that, selfish laptop man.

Sarah: It is a take your pants of kind of night 😉  In the soaking wet from commuting way, not the other way…

April: Sho is!  I was thinking that on the way home. Can’t wait!

April: You know how I feel about pantsless evenings.

Sarah: Indeed I do!

April: This might be a pantsless, oversized mullet tee kind of evening.

April: Is it wrong that this also involves “getting jacked” with 24?

Sarah: Don’t forget that also gives you license to drink out of cartons and engage in general slovenliness. I hear that’s how Jack likes his ladies!

April: I’m not so into drinking from the carton. I don’t like the hairiness of the cardboard.

April: Wait, that was silly. My milk comes in a plastic jug. But I don’t like drinking out of that, either. How about if I drink from a can?

April: And why assume Jack likes slovenliness?

Sarah: Drinking from a can is perfect… Personally, I don’t enjoy drinking milk or juice out of cartons, but I enjoy seltzer straight out of the plastic bottle…

Sarah: As for Jack, I just can’t picture him waiting to leave the house – to save the world OR make a 7:30 movie showing – while a gal primps!

April: He’s dated some classy ladies. In fact, his current love interest is a former FBI agent who went undercover with the Russian mafia. She cut off a guy’s hand. That’s pretty bad-ass. And classy. If you enjoy S&M.

April: I think the gal needs to be ready when it’s time to go. Like at my house.

Sarah: Agreed! But was she concerned about her hair or makeup while de-handing that guy?

Sarah: So we are essentially on the same page. Someone who can rock whatever she wears and not hold up the process if she’s having a bad hair day.

April: If I’m not ready, mike makes me leave with wet hair or no mascara. So he’s kind of like Jack Bauer. But I don’t think he’s killed any terrorists today.

April: He might have, though. I haven’t seen him since 7:30am.

April: Exactly.

Sarah: Mike might have to keep certain assassinations on the DL anyway… You know, for your protection and whatnot.

April: Yeah, yeah, yeah… Loose lips sink ships and all that

Sarah: Not that I believe you’d spill state secrets or anything… But why put you in that position in the first place? He’s thoughtful like that.

April: Btw I kind of want to rub my arm against laptop guy so that he acquires my wet taxidermy smell. Is that wrong?

April: I mean, not in a sexual way.

Sarah: It is sooooo right (not in a sexual way).

Sarah: Heck, maybe you should even start reading over his shoulder – then you could annoy him and transfer taxidermy scent in one smooth move!

April: Ruh-roh, I think he’s on to me…

Sarah: What would Jack Bauer do??

April: Waterboard him, probably.

April: I need to watch more spy movies. Not so much Bourne and 24, but movies and shows where there are undercover agents and things like that.

Sarah: Maybe our reader(s) have a suggestion about how a super undercover spy would react in this situation!

April: Ooh good idea! Reader(s)?

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