Photo Phriday: There’s No Wrong Way to Eat at Reese’s

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I love all Reese’s candy – heck, I love most things involving chocolate and peanut butter.  What I don’t love is when people toy with my emotions, like when they make me think there’s said flavor combination involved in their completely unrelated businesses.  Take, for example, this barber shop I recently passed:



What does hair cutting have to do with the heavenly candy treat?  And, for that matter, what is a “special Boston-style hair cut?”  Shenanigans, people.  She. Nan. I. Gans.


P.S. Apparently I’m in the mood to talk about hair styles this week!  New topics coming soon…

Photo Phriday: Happy Hallow-August?

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It’s no secret that consumer goods companies have been hyping holidays early to try to increase how much we hardworking American citizens spend, but, as our intrepid reporter Rhymes-With-Tzarina discovered, this trend is getting a little “frightening!”

When perusing the aisles in her local grocery earlier this week (aka the dog days of summer), MOH Tzarina stumbled upon this display:

Boo! It's August?

We’re pushing Halloween candy in August??  Really?  I’m appalled.

(Truth be told, I’d eat the candy any time of year – but that’s hardly the point.  Focus, dear reader(s) – we’re being bamboozled!)


You Don’t Have A Costume Yet?

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I went grocery shopping the other night (yay food!), and I had a brief panic attack thinking I had disappeared into some kind of vortex and only emerged months later. Why? Because the Halloween is on full display. In August. And it wasn’t day one of the Halloween display. I had forgotten that I first saw the stacks of orange and black candy bags a couple weeks ago.

And it’s not just the grocery store. My own mother told me over the weekend that I need to get thinking about Max’s costume. According to her, I have to start planning now because the next few months are going to fly by and next thing I know it will be the end of October and I’ll have to scramble for a costume.

The kids haven’t even gone back to school here.

And pointing out how early retail prepares for a season makes me feel kind of like one of those crotchety older people who think the world went you-know-where in a hand basket after they grew up. But honestly, I just don’t need the temptation of all that candy. I have a serious sweet tooth. And I’m trying so hard to be good and not gorge myself on sugar ever day. I don’t need a repeat of the time I gave up candy for Easter. That year, my mom sent me an Easter care package full of chocolates and Jelly Belly jelly beans and Peeps. When Mike got home from work, I was lying on the couch in a semi-comatose state with chocolate smeared all over my face. True story.

As an homage to Dodgeball, I walked through the Halloween section, inhaling the tantalizing aroma of sugary confections. Mmm… Unfortunately, I had no Me’Shell to interrupt me during my private reflection time, so abstaining was up to me. And just as I was about to cave, I wheeled my cart on over to the canned vegetable aisle, where it doesn’t smell like anything. Hooray for willpower? But I have to admit, if the stores keep this up, I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer.


100 Calorie Disappointment

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I’m that girl in the office with the never-ending candy dish. It all started with an empty vase on my desk. I had some candy left over from some sugar splurge and decided to be nice and share (ie tempt my officemates with the lure of a free sugar-high in the hopes of quickly off-loading that which I cannot resist). I did my best to resist said evil temptress myself, although there were indeed days when her siren song was more than I could bear. Until Halloween.

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! I love it all: the pumpkins, the excuse to take on a new identity (if only for a few hours), Thriller and Monster Mash played ad nauseam, little ghouls and goblins running door to door in search of treats, the candy. Oh, the candy! Love, thy name is sugar.

So when revellers desire to get the candy out of their houses, where do they go? To the established office candy jar, of course. In other words: my desk. And as if a tall vase filled with Snickers, Baby Ruths, Hersheys Kisses, Three Musketeers and the like weren’t enough, a certain someone added a large bowl to the mix, which was promptly overflowing with Mike & Ikes, Whoppers, Crunch Bars and more. Overflowing. I kid you not. And day all long people are in and out of my office seeking a quick fix. “Just one more,” they say with a wink. And how can I resist not joining in? Sure, there are days when my hand never wanders into that bowl of sin. But other days…. Let’s just say my pants have been a little snug of late.

So in an effort to thwart the sugarry little minx, I purchased a large bag of 100 calorie trail mix packets. The packaging was misleading, to say the least. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened the package and saw munchkin-sized packets of trail mix smaller than my blackberry. Witness:

So, sure, I’m dutifully eating my teeny trail mixes 100 calories at a time. And my pants are no longer depriving my lower extremities of blood. But I still feel a little cheated. I mean, come on!

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