Chocolate-Covered Bacon… The Real Deal

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Remember when I spent too much cash on a bar of dark chocolate with bacon in it and I was sorely disappointed because the bacon was miniscule? Our good buddy Dan, who blogs over at Squibix, suggested the obvious solution of making my own. So I finally found myself with some leftover bacon, some melted dark chocolate and clearly too much time on my hands. And I got my chocolatiering on.* Here’s the final product:

chocolate-covered bacon

mmm... chocolatey confections.

The little balls on the left are scrumptious truffles that are ridiculously easy to make. They are why I happened to have some melted dark chocolate.

So I dipped my leftover bacon in my leftover chocolate. And the cholesterol gods were obviously in my head because I actually sprinkled some kosher salt on some of the bacon strips post-dipping. Because salt nicely complements chocolate. And I’m trying to clog my arteries.

I was beyond excited to taste my creation. And I was in a giving mood, so I invited my SIL Tracy to partake in the tasting. What did we think? Drumroll, please…

Meh. As Tracy so wisely noted, you desperately want to love the combination of two of your favorite foods. Which makes it so much worse when the combination really isn’t that good. Apparently bacon and chocolate are destined to maintain a safe distance from one another. Sigh.


*Random note: I am obsessed with the idea of becoming a chocolatier. Not that I’m taking any steps to become one or have any sort of experience other than enjoyment of the final product. But I have seen Chocolat more times than I can count and I desperately want to be Juliette Binoche’s character. One of the best compliments I ever received was when my book club gal pals decided that she was the actress I most look like. Swoon.

Bacon, the Wonder Food

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At the risk of reigniting the bacon war, I feel compelled to share with you some facts about bacon. Because I love the pig. I really do. And according to fact #6, it is what some people would call my unholy adoration of salty swine that is behind my little boy’s intelligence — and is currently making another in utero bambino “wicked smaht.”

Here’s another thing to consider. According to the latest issue of Cooking Light, a strip of bacon is actually a healthier choice than Au Bon Pain‘s bran muffin. In terms of saturated fat, anyway.

Also, I am still waiting for someone to provide me with a sample of chocolate-covered bacon. Because I’d like to report on how it tastes, since no one seems to have actually eaten this before. Do you see the lengths to which I am willing to go for you, Dear Reader(s)? It’s not a glamorous job, but for you I will do it.

These are things you should know this morning. You’re welcome. I’m going to go make some breakfast.


Reader’s Mailbag: Chocolate-Covered Bacon is a Chocolate-Covered No-No!

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Dear Reader “T,” “Anonymous Commenter” and my bloggier half,

While I have an undeniable and often uncontrollable love of chocolate, the idea of chocolate-covered bacon does not entice me enough to shame my Rabbi (and he doesn’t even read this blog, so you know I am not saying that just to suck up).

As you can probably guess, I think covering something you don’t like in chocolate doesn’t usually make anything tempting enough to eat.For example, my mom, who despises poop jokes, wonders if you might be enticed by chocolate covered p… never mind.

Happily, I have probably already discovered my greatest love (chocolate + peanut butter!) so I feel no urge to stray from that formula, or at least to stray farther than established combinations including: mint + chocolate, coffee + chocolate, strawberries + chocolate, milk + chocolate, cake + chocolate, ice cream + chocolate, etc.

But I do appreciate the email and inquiry – please keep them coming!We love participation, topic suggestions, comments, questions, Fbook messages, tweets, stalkers (not you, Tom Cruise), and you, our dear reader(s)!


Reader’s Mailbag: Chocolate-Covered Bacon

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A reader recently emailed us:
While the story of how I became aware of the existence of chocolate covered bacon is mildly amusing, I will save that for another time. I need to know what the Wilderoll’s think about this culinary um, dish. Is pork covered with chocolate enough to sway a devout Hebrew to cross over to the dark side? Or, is it so far over the edge that a bacon devotee becomes immune to its powers? I will wait to see the outcome of these burning questions…

Hmmm… Chocolate and bacon. Two of my favorite things. Together. For-ev-er! I like it. But only if the bacon is soft. I hate crunchy (or “crisp” as the foodies say) bacon.

I’m trying to figure out why any non-Heeb would object. And I can say “Heeb” because I say it with love. And because Sarah tells me I’m basically Jewish — except for the loving Jesus part, but he was Jewish, so I don’t see the problem. And the whole pork thing, but I know some Chosen People who dig pig, so I’m good there, too. Actually, Sarah says I must secretly be a Jewish Minnesotan because I love the idea of eating everything on a stick. But that’s another story altogether.

Hoodles, on the matter of chocolate-covered bacon, I say yay.

But wait. Let’s think about this. I always thought chocolate-covered potato chips would be awesome and I was really excited to find them in a candy store in Old Forge. Until I asked the girl for a sample and that little witch forced me to purchase 1/4 lb. because there are no samples. But I was still ok because what’s not to love about chocolate-covered potato chips? And I found out there is a lot not to love about chocolate-covered potato chips. At least the ones I ate, anyway.

So my answer, T, is that I am not opposed to chocolate-covered bacon. In fact, if you bring me some, I will eat it and give you a definitive answer. Like how I just demanded a gift?

Editor’s Note: Got a question? Email, text, twitter, facebook, call, stalk — do what you have to do to ask us. We might have an answer. And we won’t always demand gifts. But we will accept them. WINK!

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