In The Mood For Romance… And McNuggets

September 1, 2010 at 7:51 am | Posted in Around Boston | 5 Comments
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Early in my pregnancy with Max, my bloggier half and I had a date at McDonald’s. One of us was having a craving. We got nuggets, fries and milkshakes. It was amazing. Best date ever. Almost. The only one that rivals that date was my first Valentine’s Day with the hubs. We also went to McD’s. And we shared a bounty of nuggets.  But we got cokes instead of shakes. We’re classy like that.

Sarah and I have hit up the golden arches together probably more times than we really should have. But I just can’t resist those salty, golden fries. Or the fountain cokes. McDonald’s and Friendly’s do have the best fountain cokes around. Those two establishments have perfected the ratio of syrup to carbonation for the most delicious effect. And when you’re stuck at North Station waiting for the 10:40 p.m. train on an empty stomach, how can you resist the siren song of Ronald McDonald? No, seriously. How can you do that?

Hoodles, Sarah and I were recently reminiscing about that first date, and we decided we’re going to recreate it using the wonders of technology (and Skype). Provided McD’s offers free WiFi. Yeah, we miss each other.

Dear Reader(s), what are some of your fave friend-date locales? As a soon-to-be bride and an expectant mom, we should probably find an alternative to our nuggets-fries-shakes fix.


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