Welcome to Alabama, Y’all

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A few weeks ago my hubs-to-be and I traveled to Mobile, Alabama for a friend’s wedding. (You can tell how much we adore said friend because we voluntarily went to the miserably hot South in July, and you know how well I do in the heat). Whoodles, I packed the same way I would for a normal summer weekend/wedding getaway: shorts, t-shirts, bathing suit, little black dress, “going out” clothes, etc.  

The stylin' ladies of Mobile, Alabama!


But as soon as we arrived at the Mobile airport and saw the locals, I realized the error of my ways.  

I did not pack anything like this pastel-perfection (complete with parasol). I don’t even OWN anything like this! So I turned to some of my most trusted advisors for an explanation…  

  • My bloggier half asserted that they must be preparing to stand atop a gigantic Barbie Cake.
  • My super-stylish mom told me she hoped the *ahem* gowns came in black or dark grey so she could sport one come 10/10/10 – after all, pastels don’t really mesh well with my wedding color scheme.  She also decided to skip the umbrella (no need to show off, after all), and justified this extravagant purchase by saying she can wear this “unique” outfit to a number of functions this year…
  • My fab future mom-in-law is using this as a threat for her high school daughter: Behave or this will be your prom dress next year!
  • My MOH, Rhymes with Tzarina, told me I’d need more help explaining this “style” than she could provide, and implored me to turn to you, dear reader(s), for insight.


What’s your explanation?  


A Couture Fairy Tale

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Long ago in a kingdom far away, there was a terrible era referred to as The Dark Ages of Big White Dress Anxiety (also known as DABWDA). I’m sure you’ve heard tell of the horrors of the DABWDA era and are thankful to live in our current age of non-scary gowns and excited wedding planning. I know I am! 

Anyway, during DABWDA, an insecure princess named Sarah relied on her trusted friend, Princess Arpil of Rochester, for comfort, reassurance and style advice. HRH Sarah shared her anxiety with HM Arpil and, being a particularly helpful royal, Princess Arps took it upon herself to design the most beautiful gown in all the land for her petrified pal. 

Historians the world over describe the gown’s splendor and designers throughout the ages admit they have never seen – or even been able to imagine – the dress’ equal. And so I’m pleased to announce one of the most important discoveries in our couture-obsessed world: archaeologists* recently stumbled upon Princess Arpil’s original design and we have the honor of revealing it here on Factinis & Factomelettes

Wedding Dress Humor

Princess Arpil's design - couture at its best!


Now if only we could find a seamstress talented enough to recreate this gown for 10/10/10… I guess I’ll just have to settle for the one we already bought 😉 

~ Sarah 

P.S. Aren’t the fingers in this sketch awesome?! 

*In other words, I was cleaning out my desk drawer and stumbled upon this gem of a sketch from before Arpil left Boston

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