A Double Birthday Shout-Out

January 4, 2010 at 9:59 am | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
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With the Northeast’s penchant for March blizzards, it is small wonder I know so many people with birthdays around this time. Today I’d like to give a loud Factinis & Factomelettes shout-out to two such cold-weather babies: Sarah’s soon-to-be-husband Andrew and my mother-in-law Schmatti.

First, hat’s off to you, Andrew! You make the lonely trek up to New Hampshire every morning for work, yet you have refrained from growing any manner of facial hair. While I think a Fu Manchu would be the perfect addition to your indescribable face, I realize your clean-shaven chin and upper lip is a testament to the respect you hold for your lady love’s wishes, so I applaud you for that. Furthermore, you have worked tirelessly to keep The Last Unicorn in the hearts and minds of countless female New Yorkers. It takes a special kind of person to demonstrate such dedication to that cause. I’ll allow my reader(s) to draw their own conclusions on what that means.

Second, on this day 40 years ago (WINK!), my mother-in-law Schmatti was born. Schmatti is a regular reader of this blog. I enjoy and appreciate that. She also strongly supports my love of As Seen on TV paraphenalia. In fact, she gave me Pro Caulk for Christmas (among other things). I don’t own a home, so my husband and father-in-law don’t grasp the necessity of said tool. However, I know plenty of people who do own homes, and I’d be willing to try out my caulking skills on their bathtubs (Schmatti, I’m looking at you). After all, whose grout couldn’t benefit from a touch-up?

So happy birthday, Andrew and Schmatti! We salute you, two of our regular readers. Although you both have yet to comment…

And if I missed anyone’s birthday, well, you’re just not that important. I kid! I kid! Tell me if you want birthday recognition. My brain is full of Jeopardy trivia and little-known facts — there’s no room for birthdays and anniversaries.

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