Our First Weekend As Homeowners

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Adventures in home ownership... weekend #1

Well, dear reader(s), I’m happy to report that, as of last Wednesday, Andrew and I are officially first time home owners!  And like most things, we didn’t do it alone: our families have been there for us every step of the way, from encouraging us to take this purchasing leap to counseling us about mortgages and loans, from house-hunting to cheerleading, our dads (RWFOTB and Charlie) and moms (Lisa and Kathy), not to mention siblings (holla Elizabeth – the most tenacious wallpaper remover in the world!), helped make this post… errrr… I mean, this grown-up step possible.

As I mentioned in my last home-buying post, I think buying a house (especially a “fixer-upper”) is more stressful and more work than getting hitched (and we all know how cuckoo that process is for some people).  There’s not an emotion out there that we haven’t experienced since we signed 30 years of our monies away.

We felt excitement, fear, joy, frustration, elation – and most of all, we were overwhelmed.

When we literally scraped the most ridiculous wallpaper for two and a half days/nights, we were overwhelmed (and boy, does this house have a LOT of wallpaper… hello 1970s!).

When we realized we spent more time in Home Depot (aka our second home) in one weekend than many of their staff has all week, we were overwhelmed.

When Big Charlie and I had to push down a wall together because it was too darn solid to do alone, we were overwhelmed.

And when we think about all the money we… never mind, it’s too overwhelming to think about.

We are overwhelmed by everything we accomplished this weekend – knocking down closets and rebuilding them elsewhere, designing our new kitchen and bathroom, pulling down walls, ridding the house of wallpaper, ripping up carpets and padding and staples, power-washing the house, gardening and cutting down trees, etc. etc. etc. – and everything left to accomplish.

And when we think about how much support and encouragement and love and kindness – not to mention MANUAL LABOR (I’m looking at you, Big Charlie! We adore Costanzo Tile & Marble) – we received from our families, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you, family, for everything. And if I never see wallpaper again, it’ll be too soon.

~ Sarah

It Smells Like Boy, But It’s TOTALLY Worth It!

March 7, 2010 at 9:06 am | Posted in Misc. | 3 Comments
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This weekend, as my bloggier half enjoyed New York, I made a journey of my own to a high school gym in New Haven, CT. It was as hot and dry as an Arizona summer (yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a dry heat, I know – but it’s still unbearable), as crowded and loud as an Ikea grand opening, and it smelled like boy, but I loved it! Why? Because my future brother-in-law, Rhymes-With-Gnarly, WON the New England Wrestling Championship!   


Rhymes-With-Gnarly, consider this your official Factinis & Factomelettes shout-out!! That’s right, I’m serving up a big ol’ factini, shaken, not stirred: Rhymes-With-Gnarly is an inspiration on and off the mats, and those West Point cadets will be lucky to have him among them come June 28, 2010. I’m certainly lucky to count him as family!   


Charlie's Winning Night

Rhymes-With-Gnarly takes first place, chats confidently with reporters, and smiles with his parents.







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