Year One Went By Too Quickly

March 19, 2010 at 9:26 am | Posted in Misc. | 8 Comments
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I hope you will all forgive a post that is on the serious side… We’ll be back to shenanigans on Monday.

One year ago my little boy was born. And for those of you who are not parents, this post probably seems a little melodramatic. But for those of you who have had the privilege of being called “mom” or “dad,” you know where I’m coming from.

It’s sometimes difficult to reconcile the walking, towheaded little boy — boy, not infant — with the teeny, helpless creature I brought home from Beverly Hospital. That baby took naps on my chest. This kid rips off his bib and tosses it to the floor. That baby did little more than eat, poop and sleep. Max does those things, too, but he also drags books over to me with a huge grin and eats babybel cheese by the fistful.

You’re always warned that kids grow up too fast. I didn’t know that meant that my little man would have almost four teeth at 12 months. Or that he’d only drink from straws before his first birthday. Or that at one year old he’d know when he was doing something naughty — and give me a smirk while doing it anyway.

I want to freeze time and stay just the way we are. Because Mike and I are incredibly blessed. And innocence doesn’t last forever. I know the sweet baby will grow into an obnoxious teenager. I know he’ll turn my hair so gray I’ll need a wig. And I know someday he’ll have his own family and understand exactly what I’m feeling today.

Right now the sun is shining, it’s unseasonably warm in Boston, and I have a birthday present to buy and cupcakes to bake. And I have a lunch date with a little man so handsome it makes my heart melt. Life doesn’t get much better than this. 



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