Runnin’ on Empty…

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After all the hullabaloo surrounding Factinis & Factomelettes these past two days, we thought a nice, tame post is just what the doctor would order (if we regularly went to see a medical professional about our blog), so today I will be espousing our views about politics, religion, abortions, PETA and other, more relaxed topics than travel and tourism. Just kidding!  

Today I shall regale you with tales of my latest fitness craze: C25K! That’s right: I’m purposely prying myself away from a heavenly couch to run five kilometers. More accurately: I’m prying myself away from the comfy couch (that may or may not have a delightful indentation matching the size and shape of my rump) to attempt to train to eventually run five kilometers. Tomaytoe, tomaaahtoe.  

I shall be a couch potato no more...


While I know three miles (give or take a few wheezes) may not sound terribly impressive to our more athletically-prowessed (yup, I just made up my own word) readers, for a gal who had spine surgery just a few short years ago, 5k is pretty darn awesome.  

And I’m not going it alone! My neighbor, Rhymes With Tinny (also known as Tirginia) got me started on this nine week adventure and we’ve been sweating and complaining together all summer. Yesterday we finished week six and thus far we have been able to employ some helpful tactics to power through the training including:  

  • Singing about our aches and pains
  • Solving each other’s personal crises in excruciating detail to distract ourselves
  • Over-analyzing everything (see above)
  • Picturing ourselves with “runners’ bodies”
  • And lots of encouragement and praise

But we have a funny feeling that weeks seven-nine won’t be the cake walk we are hoping for.  From here on out, it’s pain central!   



Why I Work Out In Private

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In response to Sarah’s recent post about As Seen On TV fitness products, Tracy suggested I tell you about the time I injured myself during an early morning hotel workout. And I’m sure her only motive behind bringing up this vignette is to serve as a cautionary tale. Because, being her only favorite sister-in-law, she would never want to embarrass me.

A couple of years ago Schmommy bought me a Power Tube, basically a resistance band with handles. And since it folded up pretty small, I figured it would be a great way to keep up with my fitness regimen when Mike and I took a little trip down to Fayetteville. Famous last thoughts.

Our first morning in Fayetteville, I jumped out of bed early to get those endorphins hopping. I put on my yoga pants and tank top and proudly started doing some bicep curls. And while I was thinking about what a lazy bum Mike was for still being in bed and mentally patting myself on the back, the handle broke off one end of my Power Tube and the band snapped me in the arm. Hard. Hard enough to leave an angry welt. Insert your favorite expletive here. Mine starts with F.

And of course, as I’m rubbing my sore arm and throwing the offending Power Tube on the ground, I hear a snicker from the bed. The snicker grows into full-blown laughter. And my beloved says, “I told you you were going to hurt yourself with that thing!”


Work it, Girl!

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One of our dear reader(s) recently brought an interesting fact to my attention: when blogging about our health initiatives, April and I usually obsess about discuss food, and grant very little blog-space to the other parts of the healthy lifestyle trifecta: exercise and attitude/mental state.  So today’s post will include a few of our super fitness finds! 

For example, we all know that April is obsessed with As Seen on TV products like the Bump-it, Ped-Egg, Strap Perfect, and even Pro Caulk (courtesy of Schmatti).  What you may not know is that I, too, have an As Seen on TV obsession, only mine is strictly related to fitness products.  

As Andrew can attest, there’s a corner of our living room devoted to said obsession.  We’ve got the Bender Ball, Tae Bo and Billy’s Boot Camp (complete with Billy Bands), Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, and even a VHS of 8 Minute Abs (with Jaime Brenkus – you know you remember this guy)!  

The godfather of sweat! I ❤ Richard Simmons


I’ve loved and used them all over the years.  They’re like gym friends – you know, the ones you smile half-heartedly at when you meet near the elliptical because you know you shouldn’t go so long between visits, and when you do get around to working out, you want to impress them with how toned and in-shape you are (to make up for not seeing them in a while) so you work too hard, end up in pain and then quit again until the guilt gets to be too much?  No?  Just me?  Never mind.  

Anyway, despite my love of infomercial-based fitness equipment, I do NOT have the Shake Weight (because it seems a little… ummmm… yeah… not family-friendly) or the AB Transform (because I’m not sure even the best infomercial could sell me on “EMS” – electro muscular stimulation).  With that said, I’m not against trying these products – I’m just against spending my own money on ’em.  If any of our dear reader(s) have used these products before, do tell!!  

Alternatively, if you want a full report about them from yours truly (I vow to spare no details), feel free to purchase them on my behalf!  That goes for you, too, As Seen on TV company – I welcome the chance to review your fine (and sometimes moderately sketchy) products. 

Yours in fitness fun time, 


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